Sunday, June 8, 2008

With Endless Sight by Allison Pittman - GIVE AWAY!!


I do believe I have just discovered a new favorite! Although With Endless Sight is the last book in the Crossroads of Grace trilogy, it is the first of Allison Pittman’s work I’ve ever read. With Endless Sight captures the adventurous and independent spirit that drove families to leave everything familiar and head into our nation’s unsettled Western Territory. Although expansion and progress was made, and our nation grew, this expansion often came at a very high price!

Belinda’s family leaves the comfort and security of their life in the East to head into the unknown. Pittman uses a common danger – stagecoach robbery and greed – to change the course of Belinda’s life forever. In a few brutal moments, she loses everyone except her cousin, and the two young girls find themselves kidnapped by the gunman himself. Their time in captivity, in reality, would have been much more brutal I think, but Pittman uses this time to show how God can use the most difficult circumstances of our lives to strengthen our faith and to reach others for His glory. Belinda faces the loss of her cousin and her own innocence with strength found only through her ever-growing faith.

Like many young girls of that time, the loss of family and worldly possessions in the harsh frontier often led to life in a brothel. After wintering in the wilderness of Wyoming, Belinda finds herself cared for by Jewell and her “ladies”. As time passes, Belinda learns that she doesn’t want to become like the women in the brothel, but she waits until God provides a way of escape before finally leaving. She discovers that escape is something most of these women long for, but few ever achieve. Her friend Sadie is one of the few women who find the strength to walk away, and when she offers to help Belinda leave for home, Belinda is ready to go.

I don’t want to spoil the ending of this wonderful story, but I will say that the journey away from the brothel opens up an entirely new future for Belinda. You will have to read the book for yourself to find out more! There is so much that transpires in this young woman’s life during the course of this story, it would be unfair to spoil it for you! I have an extra copy of this book to give away, so please leave a comment for your chance to experience the Crossroads of Grace!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allison Pittman is the award-winning author of Ten Thousand Charms and Speak Through the Wind. Before her recent success in fiction writing, Allison spent seventeen years teaching high school English. Now a full-time writer, Allison serves as the director of her church’s Theater Arts Group ministry. She lives in Texas with her husband, Mike, and their sons. Please visit her website here to learn more about her fabulous books!


Tarasview said...

I'd like to read this book!

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I love historicals and this one seems pretty interesting as well. Do count me in!

I'm also having book giveaways. Come on by :)

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Carole said...

I've had Allison Pittman on my list of new authors to read. All of her books sound wonderful, and I'd love to win a copy of this one. Thanks for the contest!

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Rachel said...

Here you go again....another book of a series (I am sleep deprived so if I misread please forgive me!)....count me in!

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Sounds like a great book