Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Grand Scheme by Kathy Herman

ABOUT THIS BOOK (From the publisher's website)
Envy is a deadly poison. Faith is the antidote.Things couldn’t be better for Rue Kessler. He just married the mother of his eight-year-old son, Montana, and finally has the family he’s always dreamed of. Not only that, his father-in-law hired him to be the new construction supervisor on a big condo project. He’s been sober for eighteen months. He’s finally plugged in at church. And he’s building his wife Ivy the house she’s always dreamed of. Life is good.Then with no warning, Rue and his wife and son become the target of someone’s cruel and frightening attacks. What reason would anyone have to dash their hopes and dreams? What will it take to stop it? What defense is there against an enemy he can’t see?While Rue’s head is still reeling, a man on his work crew is found half dead in Tanner Canyon. Are the attacks related? Is someone trying to put a stop to the condo project? Or is something more sinister afoot–something that will take all the faith he’s got to confront?


My heart feels so tender after reading Kathy Herman’s final book in the Phantom Hollow series! Wow! The Grand Scheme is a story that takes an up close and personal look at forgiveness in a way that will certainly touch your heart in a very deep way. This book picks up in the lives of the Griffeth and Kessler families at the point where Rue and Ivy are re-entering life as husband and wife. God redeemed them both from lives of addiction and tenderly brought them together in Never Look Back, and as they look to the future they cannot imagine the price that they will have to pay for the bitterness and unforgiving attitudes that have been festering in the hearts of others.

Ivy’s brother Rusty has been unable to accept her back into his life now that she is drug-free and a Christian. In his heart, he wants her to continue paying for her wrongs instead of moving forward in life in the grace and mercy of God’s forgiveness as well as that of her parents. Ivy’s husband, Rue is also facing the consequences of a jealous and bitter heart, but the source of his trouble is masked by the activities of an environmental group that has come to Phantom Hollow to protest the building taking place in the area. Kathy Herman carefully layers several believable and suspenseful storylines in such a way, that even the members of the local law enforcement have a hard time figuring out who is behind an escalating series of crimes in the area!

The Grand Scheme will quickly draw you in and won’t let go until the final page! What I loved most about this book is that Kathy Herman realistically shows readers how ugly and dangerous an unforgiving heart can be when it is given free reign in a person’s life. Whether or not you have ever been directly involved in an addict’s life or been effected by the wrong choices someone has made that caused you pain, you are the only person responsible for whether or not you forgive the person that caused the hurt. Hanging on to the pain and the resentment only brings further pain to you. This story will encourage your heart and show Christ’s mercy and grace in a new and beautiful way. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a suspenseful mystery with a powerful Christian message! Visit Kathy Herman's website to learn more about her fabulous books!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: (from the publisher's website)
Kathy Herman is the best-selling author of thirteen novels, including the Baxter series, Poor Mrs. Rigsby, and the Seaport Suspense novels. Her thought-provoking stories are ordinary enough to be believable, and extraordinary enough to stick with the reader long after the cover is closed. Kathy and her husband, Paul, live in East Texas and have three grown children and five grandchildren. They enjoy world travel, deep sea fishing, and bird watching–sometimes incorporating all three into one big adventure!

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