Friday, April 25, 2008

You'd be CRAZY to miss this book!! Randy Singer does it again!

Have mercy!!! Randy Singer has just taken the political suspense novel to an entirely different level!! I’m so bamboozled I don’t even know where to begin. There is kidnapping and murder, abuse, duplicity, and so many other layers of mystery and suspense you will be gasping for air by the end of the book! This story is set up in short chapters. Each chapter packs a punch. Just about the time you begin to draw your next breath another sucker punch gets delivered by the last sentence. I have never in all of my life read such a thrill ride!

Take a Las Vegas, Nevada lawyer and transplant him into the middle of a Virginia Beach, Virginia serial murder trial. You are drawn into the most intimate trial negotiations and glimpse the perspective of criminal psychologists. The prime suspect has to be framed, but by who?! You start gathering your own evidence and trying to eliminate suspects only to have to revise your list again and again. The last 60 pages of the books will take you to the brink of insanity trying to figure out what’s coming next!

Go get a copy of this book – TODAY! Don’t miss the thrill! By Reason of Insanity – indeed!! This is Randy Singer at his absolute best!

A word from Randy about his latest novel:

A few words about By Reason of Insanity:

I've really been trying in the last few books to write fiction that will appeal to both believers and those outside the church. My hope is to write a book that a Christian can give to a non-Christian friend without worrying about the book being too preachy, yet still cause that friend to ask some important spiritual questions. In this book, I tried to get skeptical people (like Quinn Newberg, my protagonist) thinking about the supernatural. Does God speak to us through His Word and through His Spirit? How can we know? And also, what does it look like when somebody puts their own life on the line for someone else? Isn't this was Christ did--the greatest act of love in the history of the world?

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Scrambled Dregs said...

Great review. This was a really fascinating read. The first of his I've ever read but it won't be my last.