Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Alex and Bret Harris may be leading the largest Rebelutionary force of teens in the world, but they have written a book that will change the lives of Christians everywhere – no matter how old they are! You know, at 41 years of age, I’m going to become a rebelutionist!

Alex and Bret’s book, Do Hard Things, is a call to be everything God intended for us to be. As we study His word and draw close to Him, He will direct us to ideas and passions that will change the world! The unique thing about Alex and Bret is that they are issuing this challenge to kids between the ages of 12-18! And these guys are only 19 themselves! Can “kids” hear from God? YOU BET! Can they answer His direction and purpose in a way that will make a difference? ABSOLUTELY!

Alex and Bret don’t just offer a feel-good tale of stellar accomplishments. They offer clear, practical advice of ways to implement God’s plan for our lives…TODAY! How? A premise of five basic goals encapsulate their ideas. There are five kinds of hard things we can all do to strengthen and grow our spiritual muscles. 1. Do things outside our comfort zone. 2. Do things that go beyond what is expected or required. 3. Do things that are too big to accomplish alone. 4. Do things that don’t earn immediate payoff. 5. Do things that challenge the cultural norm. These two young men take these basic ideas and expound upon them in a way that will have you really giving yourself a good long look in the mirror and asking some pretty revealing questions!

Do fear of failure and complacency have you chained to a life that keeps you from using your God-given abilities to reach out for Him? Are there areas in your life where you’ve accepted “good enough” instead of pushing to do your best? Alex and Bret are young men with a passion to see their peers living lives that are marked not just by great things but by activities and lifestyles that boldly proclaim the life-changing power of the grace of God.

This book is filled with stories of young people who have boldly stepped out in faith to do hard things that have made a life-altering impact on thousands of people world-wide! You will be impressed not only with their ability but with the humility and passion with which they approach their tasks. Truly, God is working in the lives of young people around the globe, and Alex and Bret Harris are serving as God’s tools to deliver a powerful message!

I strongly recommend this book for every teen in your life! I recommend it for every adult that wants to live a more meaningful life in the days ahead! I recommend this book as a teaching tool for youth leaders everywhere! In short – read this book! God has something for you there, and He will meet you within the message and change your life! Purchase your copy HERE today!

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About the Author

Alex and Brett Harris founded TheRebelution.com in August 2005 and today, at age nineteen, are some of the most popular teen writers on the web. The twins are frequent contributors to the webzine Boundless, serve as the main speakers for the Rebelution Tour conferences, and have been featured nationally on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and The New York Times. Sons of homeschool pioneers Gregg and Sono Harris and younger brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye), Alex and Brett live with their family outside Portland, Oregon.


Rachel said...

Kim, when I first read your post I thought "rebelutionist" was a typo! I am looking forward to Ashley reading this book!

Brett Harris said...

Kim, I wanted to comment for two reasons: (1) to thank you for such a kind review of our book, and (2) to ask whether you'd be willing to post your review on the book's Amazon.com page?

What you've written here would be so very helpful for people interested in the book -- and such a blessing for Alex and me. =)

In Christ Alone,
Brett Harris

Tarasview said...

This sounds like a great book! Please enter me.
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windycindy said...

"Wow!" What a set of twins with a remarkable outlook on life! It sounds like they get it honestly. I, myself, would enjoy reading their book and I have two teenage sons that I would like to read it, also! Please enter us in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

Anonymous said...

I woudl love to win this book for my teens and myself to read :)

Grateful Gramma said...

Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

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Kim said...

OK!! Winners!! Listen up!!

Rachel - congratulations!

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