Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hope of Nations by John S. Dickerson - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Every week a terrorist attack, riot, or political scandal makes the headlines—and we feel the world around us shaking again. We struggle to separate truth from biased statements and hope from naïveté. We wonder how we got here and where these uncertain days will take us.

One of the world’s top investigative reporters, John S. Dickerson, addresses this post-truth, post-Christian society in Hope of Nations.

Hope of Nations shows us how and why the world is changing, where those changes will lead, and what it looks like to live like Christ in today’s society. With fascinating historical and political background, Dickerson helps us understand:

The five major forces driving global change in the world today

Why violent displays of Islam continue resurfacing

The incoming moral, social, and political impact of American millennials

Ten ways to respond biblically to trends shaping the world right now

How to live with Christian courage and compassion in tumultuous times

“Times of great social upheaval are times of great spiritual opportunity,” writes Dickerson. “You can live the adventure of this era with great purpose. You can know with confidence that the Creator of the universe appointed you to bring light and life to this moment in human history.”

Among the youngest award-winning journalists and a seminary-trained pastor, Dickerson brings his reporting skills, generational perspective, and biblical insights to this groundbreaking book.

Get a larger view of what is happening with your community, your government, and your international neighbors in this thoughtful look at global events in light of your unique Christian calling.

My Thoughts:
This is a book that takes some time to process, but OH how it gives understanding, context, and practical application to all of the confusing points of view that Christians face in this current age. This book contains a LOT of information, so you have to take time to digest what you read, but you come away with a rich resource and understanding of how to effectively live the gospel in today's society.

This is a MUCH NEEDED tool to have in your arsenal of understanding.  I admire someone so gifted and able to put all of this together in one volume!  This is a book I will have to revisit as I travel my own faith journey - especially on my job at the local university. I am grateful to have this information! 

About the Author:

John S. Dickerson is a prize-winning research journalist, a seminary-trained pastor, and a frequent commentator in national news outlets like USA Today. He aggregates cultural trends, sociology, and historical understanding to give Biblical insight into world events and Christian living today. John’s first book, The Great Evangelical Recession, has equipped tens of thousands to understand the future of the church in the United States. John serves as the Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church in the Indianapolis metro area.

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