Saturday, December 17, 2016

Miscarried Joy by Tanika Fitzgerald - REVIEWED

About the book:  

Miscarried Joy: Moving Beyond Incredible Pain to Extraordinary Faith (Nyreepress Publishing, October 2016)

Faith over fear. Patience over frustration. Pain with a purpose.

In Miscarried Joy, Tanika transparently shares her deeply personal and disappointing experiences of losing her babies due to miscarriage. There were times when she felt God was the cause of her pain. However, her journey through the lives of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth and Naomi, revealed quite the opposite---God had allowed her pain for a much greater purpose. Each of these women had something in common: they learned to surrender their will and trust God's plan beyond the pain. They were pushed to a posture of prayer that led them from questioning God to have total confidence in Him. Tanika discovered that this season of waiting didn't show up simply to challenge her, but to change her.

With biblical depth, heart-filled transparency and a voice of passion, you will:

-Understand God's heart in the midst of incredible pain
-Discover the importance of trusting God's plan over your own
-Arm yourself with the strength to let go of bitterness and comparison to appreciate the beauty of your story
-Learn and implement spiritual principles and strategies to walk boldly in faith
-Embrace God's delay and birth contentment in your season of waiting
What have you miscarried? What purpose have you had difficulty conceiving? Is it a calling you fear stepping into? A vision that has not yet come to pass? Miscarried Joy has something for anyone who needs help pushing through incredible pain to conquer discouragement, walk in faith and birth their purpose. God's delay in your life could be a set up for your greatest calling to be fulfilled.

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My Thoughts:
“It’s the Word of God that washes out every impurity, negative thought, ungodly emotion, fear, anxiety and anything else that keeps you from living life as God has purposed you to live.”  (p.57)

I have experienced the loss of a miscarriage.  It was my first pregnancy.  That was 24 years ago.  Now, with 21 and 23 year-old sons, I was drawn to this book, because I wanted to know what someone else had to say about this experience.  No one said anything to me when I experienced this.  No one.  It was a subject that was forgotten, because, after all, I had moved on and had other children.  But, at the time I walked through loss, there were no words from others to encourage me to keep my eyes focused on Christ.

Tankia Fitzgerald writes about her experiences from both personal and biblical points of view.  I cannot begin to tell you how powerful the truths are in this book!  I’ve experienced other losses in my life, and this book gave me fresh perspective on that loss – even though the context was that of a lost pregnancy.  Tanika is speaking truth from God’s Word, and it is healing, encouraging and strengthening if you apply it to other areas of loss.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced a miscarried joy, share this book with them.  It will be the best and most loving gift you can give them!  Healing from loss takes time, and sometimes you just want someone to acknowledge that you are grieving and give you time to heal.  Be patient with others.  Love them through their loss.  God’s Word has the answers and strength and guidance everyone needs to walk their journey. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

About the Author:
Tanika Fitzgerald is a lover of Christ, a wife to her husband, Maurice, a loving daughter and sister. She is passionate about equipping women to grow spiritually, live balanced lives and helping them to be ARMED for victory in every area of life. Tanika has been called to minister to others through her passion and gift of writing to inspire women all over the globe. She is also the visionary behind ARMED Magazine---a publication created to "Spiritually Equip for you Victory in Battle." Her inspirational writing has been featured in numerous publications including Hope for Women MagazineBlack and Married with Kids, and more. Tanika has also interviewed powerful voices in the Christian community, including Lady Serita Jakes, Sheryl Brady, Charles Jenkins, Earnest Pugh, and more! Tanika is a woman who is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ, family, giving to others, laughter, having fun, and enjoying every moment that life brings!

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