Monday, November 14, 2016

End of the Roadie by Elizabeth Flynn - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Brendan Phelan, rock star, is playing in a stage show that includes guns and whips. As it reaches its climax, a shot rings out—but it's not part of the show. The body of Oliver Joplin, one of the road crew, lies lifeless outside the stage door. 

Detective Inspector Angela Costello and her team investigate, but they quickly discover that several stage hands, and Phelan himself, are adept with firearms—and that Joplin was widely disliked and distrusted. So why had Phelan kept him on, despite the reservations of his crew? Joplin's emails reveal the presence of a shadowy figure stalking the dead man. Who might profit from Joplin's death? 

Little by little, Costello unpicks the web of lies. But unless one key person opens up, she can't crack the case. And that is not going to happen. 

My Thoughts:
It would remain their little secret.”  (p. 295)

Although this quoted has nothing much to do with the murder solved in this novel (well, except that it is a remembrance of one of the lighter moments), I thought it appropriately represented almost everyone in the novel!  There were so many layers of secrets – so many YEARS of secrets – that many characters in this story were living very enslaved lives!  It’s sad to think that some of them decided that the only way out of the mess they’d made was to take someone’s life. 

Well, sadly, that is an all-to-common theme in every area of life in this day and age.  This book intrigued me because it was set in England.  I love all of the idioms of their language, and enjoy trying to decipher some of their meaning.  I enjoyed getting to know Detective Inspector Angela Costello and her co-workers as their brainstormed their way through this murder mystery!  They are a very eclectic group with a diverse taste in all of life.  The roadie whose murder must be solved, is at the center of many layers of deception, greed and desperation.  I never failed to be amazed at the things folks perceive to be an injustice thrust upon them – always justified in the depths of their own depravity.

This is a great beginning to what promises to be a series of cozy mysteries. (well, by my definition anyway) There is some very mild language, but it is not gratuitous in any way. You will enjoy getting to know the characters, and you will feel their sense of satisfaction when they catch the criminal at the end of the novel.  I am happy to have discovered this author!

About the Author:
A former actress and radio journalist, Elizabeth Flynn is currently bereavement officer in a London hospital. This is her first novel.

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