Thursday, May 19, 2016

Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Someone Like You (Bethany House, May 2016)

Single mom Julia Dare has a lot on her plate.

A brand new Christian, Julia is busy trying to run her own business, spend time with her widowed mother, and raise her young son, Max, despite his father's less-than-ideal influence on him. When a big account from her event-planning business sends her to the Caliente Springs resort, she's shocked to come face-to-face with Zeke Monroe, the resort's general manager and her college sweetheart.

With his faith in tatters, Zeke Monroe is determined to keep the historic Caliente Springs resort running despite financial difficulties. But when Julia walks back into his life, he can't ignore the feelings she stirs up. As they work together on an important client's dream wedding, the fate of the resort soon depends on their success. When Zeke and Julia are pushed to their limits both personally and professionally, will their history put up walls between them or bring them together?

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My Thoughts: 
“Tap…Tap…Tap.”  (p. 266)

I’m not going to spoil this…sound…and reveal its source, but I want you to listen for it as you read Victoria Bylin’s book, Someone Like You.  This is THE BEST and most REALISTIC story of relationships I’ve read lately!!  I was expecting something far different from the treasure  I found!

This novel deals with many kinds of relationships - familial, romantic and spiritual.  Bylin weaves all of these relationships together seamlessly and the result is breathtaking!  I can’t really share too much, because I don’t want to spoil a moment!  But if you will listen for the “tap…tap…tap…” you will enjoy the richness of its conclusion more that I can begin to describe!

I think what spoke to me the most was the fact that the main characters were realistically flawed , and they had embraced what they perceived to be failure , and that perception was coloring their entire world.  Does sin have consequence?  Most certainly! Can God redeem those consequences?  Definitely!! Julia and Zeke’s story is a beautiful story of God’s grace and mercy that will impact your faith in a powerful way! 

Don’t miss this novel!! It is a treasure of great value!  So much to enjoy! So much to digest!  So many rich blessings to take away!!  And read this novel with your ears open….Tap. Tap. Tap.

About the Author:

Victoria Bylin writes contemporary and historical romances known for their realistic, relatable characters. Her work has finaled in contests such as the Carol Awards, the RITAs, and the RT Reviewers' Choice Award. A native of California, she and her husband now make their home in Lexington, Kentucky.

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