Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pocket Prayers by Max Lucado - REVIEWED

About these books:
Pocket Prayers (with various authors; Thomas Nelson, March 2016)

Bestselling author Max Lucado has teamed up with six authors to write the Pocket Prayers series for those in need of peace, renewal, rest, faith, hope, joy, direction, serenity, and courage.

Short, simple prayers are very effective, which is why each book in the series contains forty guided prayers and complementary scriptures for any situation, including for:

-Moms (written with daughter Andrea Lucado)
-Grads (written with daughter Andrea Lucado)
-Dads (written with Mark Mynheir)
-Military Life (written with Mark Mynheir)
-Teachers (written with blogger Jennifer Hale)
-Friends (written with Betsy St. Amant)

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My Thoughts:
Prayer is no a privilege for the pious, not the art of a chosen few.  Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child.”  (p. 15)

Max Lucado is very honest in his definition of prayer.  He identifies the most common misconceptions about prayer in his brief introduction, and then offers  simple, heartfelt prayers on a number of topics in an effort to teach and encourage believers of all ages and stages of faith to learn to have daily conversations with God no matter what situation lies before  them.

When you consider how often Jesus prayed, how he carved out intentional time to pray, and the fact that He was part of the Godhead….it gives us all pause to consider the value of spending out time in the same way, right?  So why is it so hard? Lucado wants to take the fear and intimidation away from this powerful and promise-filled activity and invite everyone to join him in this most important conversation.

Each book, regardless of the intended audience, contains Forty prayers divided into a variety of topics.  From Guidance and Clarity to Grace and Strength – from Work and Career to Relationships, Lucado offers brief, heart-felt prayers to guide believers into the presence of God.  I hope no one will see this as a religious guide-book, but rather a teaching tool to instruct those who have believed a lie about the role prayer holds in the life of all of God’s children.

Come, from a variety life-roles, and join the conversation.  Your Heavenly Father is waiting to talk with you. 

About the Author:
More than 120 million readers have found inspiration and encouragement in the writings of Max Lucado. He lives with his wife, Denalyn, and their mischievous mutt, Andy, in San Antonio, Texas, where he serves the people of Oak Hills Church.

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