Monday, November 2, 2015

Every Little Thing by Deidra Riggs - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Everyone has had that moment--we see a need and we think, Someone really should do something about that, never imagining that we might be the answer. We don't have the time, the expertise, the money. We've got careers to manage, bills to pay, meals to prepare, and families to attend to. Besides, who are we to think we can change the world?

In this encouraging and empowering book, Deidra Riggs calls you to accept God's invitation to join him in making a difference right where you are, right now. She shows you that you were created with a purpose and with the capacities to fulfill that purpose. And she reminds you that while it's not up to you to fix the world, it is up to you to join God--and his people--in his redemptive work.

My Thoughts:
One step is all that’s needed, and you can trust God to take it with you.”  (p.73)

Every Little Thing is a book that encourages and challenges you with every single chapter.  However, there is a chapter for everyone in which God whispers, “Listen closely.”  And then you stop.  You seek God in prayer, and you re-read, and pray some more.  God speaks through the words of this book, and as you follow examples set by the Biblical characters that grace the pages of this book, you understand, in a new way, what God is speaking into your own circumstances.

For me, this book was an ordained God appointment, because it intersected my life in tandem with a few other events – all of them pointing me in the same direction – to let go of fear and trust God completely with every moment of my life.  Becoming a single mom of two –almost-grown young adults – after thinking I’d grow old with the husband of my youth derailed me for a while.  And, just recently, a series of events that God ordained in my life, literally set me free from the fear, unforgivness  and doubt that had filled my heart.

Diedre’s move to Nebraska is a story she shares that challenged me to allow God to lead me in my next steps.  I think everyone who reads this book will be able to identify their “Nebraska”.  I did!!  In short, this book uses both personal and Biblical examples to lead readers into a more intimate relationship with Christ.  I will be recommended this book to all of my friends!!  I am thankful that I was able to read this fantastic book!

About the Author:
Deidra Riggs is an influential blogger at her own blog, JumpingTandem, as well as DaySpring's (in)courage and, for which she is managing editor. She has been a speaker for TEDx and has organized her own women's retreat, hosting speakers like Lisa-Jo Baker, Holley Gerth, and many more. She and her husband have two adult children and live in Lincoln, Nebraska. Learn more at

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