Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday September 24th at 9 p.m. EDT UP Original Series "Last Hope With Troy Dunn" - REVIEWED

About the show:

As a child, Amanda suffered abuse at the hands her mother’s many boyfriends.  She longed for a father to protect her but didn’t have one…or did she?  After Amanda became pregnant with her first child, her mother revealed that the man she had believed to be her dad was not, in fact, her biological father.  Now Amanda’s on a mission to find her true father and the love she was missing all those years. 

My Thoughts:

Troy Dunn is a person who is the last hope some have for locating family members that have been lost to them through various life circumstances.  In this episode, an unwanted pregnancy in the life of an already married young person, resulted in over two decades of separation between Amanda and her biological father.  This is a touching episode that ends with a reconciliation that could have been avoided had folks made different choices.  Lies and deception are part of the story's beginning, but, thankfully, don't seem to be a part of the NEW beginning.

I was thankful to learn that Troy vets the folks he is looking for once he finds them.  I imagine not every introduction is as touching as this one. This episode gave me hope that redemption is, indeed, possible in the lives of some folks.  That makes my heart happy!  This show also made me doubly grateful for my loving family and the fact that I've not had to endure the abuse and neglect that has been meted out in the lives of others.

This is a good show. It's emotionally packed, and, I'm sure, sometimes, not so hopeful.  But I would definitely add this show to my evening schedule without hesitation.  I'm thankful for folks like Troy Dunn who walk that extra, and sometimes difficult path, with others.

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