Friday, July 24, 2015

Tattered and Mended by Cynthia Ruchti - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Jesus takes our ragged edges and missing pieces and mends us into something both whole and beautiful.Artisans can reclaim exquisite beauty from the broken, frayed, and hopefully shattered—perhaps once thought beyond repair. But what about us? What of the wounds that keep us from living the life we want to live?

In Tattered and Mended, readers walk through a gallery of reclaimed and restored art as well as broken and restored lives of those who have gone before us. With a gentle touch and personable wisdom, Cynthia Ruchti shows how even the most threadbare soul can once again find healing and hope.

My Thoughts:
It’s counterproductive for us to wait until we’re ready to heal.  We’ll never be ready for the mending process.  God invites us to heal anyway.”  (p. 36)

Cynthia Ruchti enters boldly into a the subject of healing…being mended by God in all of our broken places.  To recognize this healing as a process that we must choose to pursue as we submit to God’s will, is divine sovereignty in every single event in our lives.  He is always making beauty from the tattered souls that have walked through trials in this life.  Ruchti speaks to trials that are both self-inflicted and those that explode upon us with a fierceness that threatens to destroy us.  God is there.  He is the master designer and healer of our souls. 

Ruchti says it best: “In surrender – not to the pain, but to The Healer – we abandon ourselves to the process, to the One whose steady hand pieces the ripped canvas back together, thread by thread.”
 (p. 91)

This is a tender, honest book that looks at the lives of both modern-day and Biblical characters and establishes the truth that, if we turn to God in our brokenness, regardless of the source of that brokenness, He is able and faithful to heal us if we submit to the process. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book for everyone who has even been wounded by life.  You will come away with a faith that is stronger, that has been challenged, and a hope that will sustain through any trial.
About the Author:
Cynthia Ruchti is the author of the critically acclaimed Where the Morning Glory Blooms andThey Almost Always Come Home. After 33-years as writer/producer of the daily 15-minute radio broadcast, The Heartbeat of the Home, Cynthia served a two-year term as president of American Christian Fiction Writers and currently serves as ACFW's Professional Relations Liaison. In addition to writing novels, devotionals, and magazine articles, she speaks for women's events and writers' conferences. Cynthia and her plot-tweaking husband live in Central Wisconsin, where she creates stories of Hope-that-glows-in-the-dark. Find Cynthia on the web at

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