Friday, November 14, 2014

If You Follow Me by Pam Rhodes - REVIEWED

About the Book:  
In the parish of Dunbridge, the news is out--Claire and Neil are engaged! And yet, almost before the celebrations have begun, Ben, the father of Claire's son, appears back on the scene--keen to pick up where he and Claire left off.

As Neil reels in the face of Claire's confusion, Wendy always seems to be there to provide support and comfort. Little does he know of Wendy's involvement in Ben's reappearance . . .

However, Neil has little chance to ponder his love life as the whole weight of running the church and parish descends upon his inexperienced shoulders. His mother, Iris, who has never hesitated to share her opinions, has just moved to be near him and Neil's time as a curate in Dunbridge is coming swiftly to an end. Where should he go next, and just who will go with him?

My Thoughts:
I don't know if Pam Rhoodes is familiar with the Mitford series, but that is what this book reminded me of.  The small English village of Dunbridge and all of the people that live as members of  Neal Fisher's parish congregation create a community that you will recognize as true and familiar.  From Wendy, Claire and Iris to Sam Ben and Danny, the people of Dunbridge come alive in your heart as you read their stories of heartache, trauma and joy.

All of the characters, including Neal, deal with problems easily recognized by every reader. From addiction to abuse, jealousy to true love, I don't think Rhodes misses much!  The setting and characters are intricately detailed for the readers, and you begin to feel like part of their community!  You will encounter folks you love, and some you dislike all together! This is a very believable community of people.  

If you Follow Me is the last of the Dunbridge chronicles, and though I feel you would feel more attached to the story if you had read the entire series, you are perfectly able to understand the books alone.  This was my introduction to the series, and I fully intend to go back and read the other installments!  

There is some mild language in the story, but nothing that breaks down the truth of the story.  I am more that happy to recommend this series to you!  

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