Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paying for Sex by David Holland

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- What does it take for a Christian man or woman to be sexually holy in today's erotically charged culture? Author David Holland answers the question in his new book, "Paying for Sex: The Spiritual Implications of Your Sex Life and Mine” (Dutch House Publishing LTD).

Having been miraculously set free from an eighteen year addiction to pornography, as well as unhealthy relational attachments, Holland issues a transparently clear message: sex is not just a purely physical act; it is an act which radically affects the soul and the spirit of a person too. 

"If we are to be completely free from ungodly lifestyle choices, we need to accept the spiritual implications of sexual sin and seek the freedom that Christ alone brings,” says Holland. "Then we must build a life of healthy intimacy with God rather than unhealthy attachments to sexual partners or behaviors. If we choose not to do this, then we will find ourselves continually paying for sex. If we do choose to do this, we will enjoy the glorious freedom of the children of God. So why not pick up this book and take up this challenge?”

Readers will find Holland’s vulnerability and honesty encouraging and his commitment to Scripture inspiring.

Holland is the Director of Explicit Freedom, a ministry set up to help those struggling with sexual addiction find lasting breakthrough. He is also a freelance writer, broadcaster and blogger, and serves on the core leadership team of his local church in the center of London. 

“David Holland’s book ‘Paying for Sex’ reveals sex to be a truly a spiritual experience,” says Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., author of ‘Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity.’ “It is a powerful read for those wanting purity in their sexuality. The book takes you into the bedroom with God and invites him to express his pure desires to you whether you are single or married.”

Adds Rod Anderson, Host of GOD TV’s “Above it All:” “David Holland has written about a topic that took much courage and faith to produce; men’s struggle with their sexual urges. I doubt if there’s any man on planet earth who hasn’t had some of his same struggles, IF they’re honest. However our God always leads us into triumph, if we will listen to Him. David has made this an easily readable book which will eliminate much guilt from the men who read it, and help them to find their own personal victory in these and other areas.” 

“Paying for Sex” is available on all eBook platforms, and in paperback at For more information, visit and

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