Thursday, March 27, 2014

Raw Faith by Kasey Van Norman - REVIEWED

About the Book:
As a respected Bible teacher, Kasey Van Norman had dedicated her life to sharing God’s Word and encouraging women to trust in God during times of crisis. Then, just as her ministry was poised to explode, Kasey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that shattered her spirit and rocked her faith to its core. Sick, frightened, and in pain, Kasey suddenly found herself facing the greatest challenge of her life—believing her own message.

In Raw Faith, Kasey chronicles her courageous battle with cancer, taking readers on a candid and poignant journey of faith and discovery, from the depths of despair through triumphant victory.

Drawing on a variety of Bible stories and characters, Kasey discovers and distills the singular truth that has existed since time began: while change and uncertainty are inevitable, God is alwaysunchanging, and He is always faithful—even when our circumstances might tempt us to think otherwise.

My Thoughts:

The words on these pages are intended to leave all coddling behind and wake you up to a desperate hunger for God’s glory in all things – even suffering.”  (Kasey Van Norman)

Raw Faith has left me vulnerable – seeking – expectant – raw.  I’ve never experienced such a powerful story, shared with such transparency and fortified with so many Biblical examples of God’s plan and purpose for His children as they walk through this fallen world.  Kasey encourages us all to believe the truth about our trials, according to the Bible and get rid of  the lies the enemy has used to keep us bound up in pain, distrust, anger and doubt.  She wants all of God’s children to embrace the fact that God doesn’t waste anything in our lives.  She wants everyone to know that sometimes there just are no words that someone can offer to relieve us of the pain we must walk through.  It is a moment by moment choice to engage our faith in God’s truth and walk through our trials with expectant hearts.

I really don’t know what to say except – READ THIS BOOK!!! It will encourage you. It will challenge you. It will take you into the Word of God with a new perspective and teach you profound truth.  Thank you Kasey Van Norman!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

About the Author:
Kasey Van Norman is being called "the most dynamic female voice for the new generation" by Christian leaders.
Her 2012 breakout book and Bible study series, Named by God, skyrocketed to bestseller status as an inspiring and cutting-edge journey into the redemptive power of Jesus. In her book and when she speaks, Kasey opens up about her past abuse, traumatic rape, promiscuous teen years, her extramarital affair, and attempted suicide, culminating in a heroic rescue by Jesus--pointing to his restoration of her marriage and life.
Kasey's 2014 book and Bible study, Raw Faith--What Happens When God Picks a Fight, will challenge readers to experience God's love when he seems anything but loving. In Raw FaithKasey chronicles her battle with incurable cancer and her struggle to believe her own message of faith amidst such pain.

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