Thursday, December 26, 2013

In Capable Arms by Sarah Kovac - REVEIWED

About the Book:
Sarah Kovac was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a rare congenital birth defect that left her with arms that she could barely use. Growing up, she was the only one in her class with a disability, setting her apart as “different” and unpopular. Realizing her unique place in the world, Sarah began adapting, working to her strengths, and eventually learned to use her feet to do such activities as changing her son's diapers, making dinner, putting on makeup, and even typing on the computer--even as she grew in spiritual and emotional maturity and independence in exceptional ways.
Picked up by national news network CNN, Sarah’s story went viral and she was suddenly presented with a platform from which to share her love for God. In Capable Arms brings readers on Sarah’s journey, crying with her through intense frustration and the desire to be perfect, cheering her through physical training and pain, and admiring her eventual spiritual surrender as she let go of her insecurities and let God use her . . . even her crippled arms.
Sarah brings readers face to face with their own struggles, challenges them with questions about self-worth and fear, then offers guidance, wisdom, and inspiration for finding hope—and healing—in the arms of the One who loves them no matter what.

My Thoughts:
Grief is often a lifelong companion in some form.  No matter how much acceptance I find, there will always be days when I am not OK with what I’ve lost.  I will never be done grieving.  There will be times when the sting of my loss is greater than others.  Times when I feel angry and want to scream.  Times that I feel thankful for all of the good God has brought out of my pain….That’s OK – it’s part of the process.  As I heal, acceptance will come easier and the painful moments will be fewer.  There has been loss, and I respect myself enough to allow space for my grief.  I will allow myself space to heal.”

I imagine that Sarah Kovac never dreamed her words would bring healing to a woman’s heart – a woman some 20 years her senior who was reeling from the loss of her 23 year marriage.  Healing came through those words.  Truth came through those words.  God is ever present with His children no matter the trial that we face. 

Sarah Kovac has overcome much in her lifetime. By now, she is mothering her second child and learning even more about her abilities and God’s faithfulness.  I can’t wait to see what her second child inspires from her pen!  I know that I have come away from this book feeling like I have a new friend.  A new sister in Christ.  I am encouraged…challenged and so very blessed to belong to my Heavenly Father and able to rest in His capable arms!!

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to read this book!! It is fabulous!! And you will find comfort, encouragement and healing in Sarah’s words!! Bless you Sarah for being obedient to write what God has given you!

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