Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Imploding relationships, incapacitating losses, injurious personal mistakes, or spiritual failures—whatever the issue, the wounds are the same.

Whether it’s a lapse in judgment by Bathsheba or the moral failure of the women’s ministry leader in your local church; the spiritual insensitivity of Martha or the compulsive obsessions of your church’s care circle chairwoman; the terror of an abandoned single mother like Hagar or the struggling single mother in your prayer group—the time and circumstances are different, but the wounds are equally deep and spiritually devastating.

Dena Dyer and Tina Samples get it. They have their own stories of pain before healing—along with similar experiences of their families and friends. Offering more than pat affirmations or vicarious shoulders to cry on, Dena and Tina delve deep into the shared emotions and injuries that women of all ages have in common—and move readers toward the recovery and healing that only God can provide.

No matter what hurts you’ve experienced, Wounded Women of the Bible proves that God understands and that healing is not only His intention but His delight!
This is a book not to be missed!

My Thoughts:
You may not understand why He’s asking you to obey, and you many be unsure how long you’ll have to remain in a difficult situation.  But whatever you go through, He promises to sustain you.  He will never leave you to fend for yourself.  Run to Him, and let Him show you His plans and purposes.  He longs to open your eyes to see Him, to make you aware of His presence.”  (p. 84)

There are MANY, MANY take-away truths within the pages of Wounded Women of the Bible.  No matter where life finds you as you come to its pages, you will either identify with the situations or you will know someone who does.  I’ll admit, when I first started reading I felt a bit overwhelmed by the cumulative effect of the circumstances of the present-day circumstances some of the women faced.  However, as I continued to read and discover the biblical applications of the women God preserved in His Word as they related to present day circumstances, I found myself on the receiving end of a multitude of blessings!!

Everyone has been wounded to some degree or another throughout their lifetime.  I will boldly tell you, that if you choose to pick up a copy of Wounded Women that God has a distinct purpose in allowing you to do so!  You will begin to consider fresh and challenging lenses through which you will be able to view your own life experiences.  In some instances, you will receive a new avenue through which to pursue healing, or you will be blown away as you take a new look into a biblical character’s life with which you thought you were already familiar.

No matter the path you take, I know your heart and life will be changed for the better as you read this fabulous book!  This was DEFINITELY a God-appointment for me, and I’m sure I will re-read this again and again!  A fabulous book of truth and healing!!

About the Authors:
Dena Dyer is an accomplished and acclaimed author of several books, including Mothers of the Bible, The Groovy Chicks’ Road Trip to Love, and The Groovy Chicks’ Road Trip to Peace. She has been a member of the Fellowship of Christian Writers, the Christian Authors Network, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council. Her resume includes professional author and speaker, professional entertainer, music instructor, missionary, and children’s theater instructor. Dena and her husband are parents to Jordan and Jackson and live in Granbury, Texas.

Tina Samples is a veteran pastor's wife for more than twenty years, inspired worship leader, worship consultant, and a gifted Registered Music Therapist. She has written devotionals for Quiet Hour Magazine and contributed toThe Secret Place: Devotions for Daily Worship (Chalice Press, 2008) and The One Year Life Verse Devotional(Tyndale House, 2007) She has also contributed to the newly released Angels, Miracles, and Heavenly Encounters(Bethany House 2012) and the Guide Posts series True Stories of Answers to Prayer: Unexpected Answers and In Times of Change (Guideposts 2010) She and her husband, David, pastor Grace River Church, Windsor, CO. They have two boys, Jaren and Zach, and one beautiful daughter-in-law, Jillian. Her resume includes professional author and speaker, teacher, professional entertainer, professional musical theatre, and music instructor. Tina has recorded two CDs of her original music, Captor of My Hear and In His Hands.

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