Monday, February 11, 2013

Wake Up Generation by Paige Omartian - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from Harvest House)

Wake Up, Generation, a breakout new title from debut author Paige Omartian, will revolutionize the life of any young adult seeking purpose, passion, and direction. As a growing generation is characterized by a lifestyle of apathy and indifference, Paige uses biblical teaching and shares relatable stories to help young people break the chains and discover the God-driven mission for their lives. Readers will…
  • understand their life’s sacred purpose
  • wake up to the needs of the world around them
  • develop a vision and mission statement for life
  • realize how their own story fits into God’s design
  • become equipped to live out the passionate, fulfilling life God intended
Singles from Paige’s debut album, Wake Up, have appeared on Top 30 charts of Christian music, and extensive media coverage, including an appearance on the Today Show, has earned her a legion of fans. With a growing reach, Paige will connect with readers and help them understand that it’s time to wake up!
My Thoughts:

There are countless waves that crash along the shore each day, but only some leave an impact.  Either we blend in and get lost, or we rise above the norm for the powerful mission we’ve received.”

Paige Omartian has fulfilled at least one of God’s purposes in her life by writng Wake Up Generation.  She has created a book/workbook that guides readers to an understanding that God did indeed create them with a specific purpose, and He alone has divinely equipped us to fulfill that purpose. Omartian shares her own personal journey.  She points us toward examples in the Bible that we can study and learn from.  She even ends each chapter with an “action challenge,” because she doesn’t intend for readers to pass idly through this book.  Her desire is to inspire others to seek their own divine purpose and passion for their lives and allow God to transform them into tools He can use to transform the world!

Isn’t that incredible?  Do you want to be challenged? Changed?  Used by God?  Pick up a copy of Wake Up Generation today! 
About the Author:
Paige Omartian is a speaker and recording artist whose battle with cancer as a child led her on a remarkable journey inspiring others to grasp the preciousness of life and live out their purpose. She has traveled the country sharing her music and story and was featured on Bath and Body Work’s 2005 Christmas CD supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Paige was interviewed on the Today Show and was the speaker and TV host for the ministry iShine. She released her debut rock album, Wake Up, in 2009.

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Paige said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book! I deeply appreciate your honest and encouraging feedback. Be blessed in your ministry!

With love,

Paige Omartian