Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Passionate Faith - my thoughts on last weekend.

The ladies of the church went to an Extraordinary Women of Faith conference last weekend. Since then, I've been trying to get my sons through finals. So I'll share my thoughts now, and book reviews tomorrow!  Go HERE if you want to learn more about this incredible ministry! A Roman Centurian built a cross
While talking about Jesus’ words.
Disbelieving he would survive
and live through what He must endure.

He then invited us to take our sins
written so only God could see –
and with tears of mercy streaming down –
nail them to the tree.

With grateful hearts for Christ’s great love,
we then broke into song.
Mercy Me led the praise,
we lifted our voice together – all night long.

Saturday brought more music and praise, and
extraordinary women shared words from the Lord:
Will you choose a breakdown or a breakthrough?
Will you run into the arms of God’s great love?

Cast aside the weight of sin.
Know that all things are possible with God!
Even when tragedy steals your life,
God steps in and restores all you love.

Don’t use God’s forgiveness as an excuse to sin.
Embrace God’s plan for you life.
Follow Jesus with a passionate faith,
and you will have strength for the fight.


It was an amazing weekend!
We sang.
We danced.
We raised our hands in worship,
Clapped our hands in praise.
We laughed.
We cried.
We drew close to God and each other.
We were encouraged to really digest not just ingest what we heard and grow in our faith.
We were told instead of walls of impossibility that only through God is life made possible.
We were encouraged to live in the freedom and joy of God’s forgiveness and not labor under a load of guilt and sharme.
We sang.
We danced.
We cried.
We laughed.
And we worshipped God in the bonds of sisterhood made possible through Christ alone.

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