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Before The Scarlet Dawn by Rita Gerlach - REVIEWED

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Before The Scarlet Dawn
Abingdon Press (February 2012)
Rita Gerlach


Rita Gerlach lives with her husband and two sons in a historical town nestled along the Catoctin Mountains, amid Civil War battlefields and Revolutionary War outposts in central Maryland.

"Romantic historical fiction that has an inspirational bent, is one way people can escape the cares of life and be transported back to a time of raw courage and ideal love," she says. "The goal of my writing is to give readers a respite, and inspire them to live fully and gratefully."

In many of her stories, she writes about the struggles endured by early colonists, with a sprinkling of both American and English history. Currently she is writing a new historical series for Abingdon Press entitled 'Daughters of the Potomac'. See her 'Novels In Progress' page on her website to learn more.

There are other novels on her list to be published, and a proposal for another book series.

She was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in a large family in the Maryland suburbs. Her family claims that storytelling is their blood, handed down from centuries of Irish storytellers. Rita believes there just may be something to that theory.


In 1775, Hayward Morgan, a young gentleman destined to inherit his father’s estate in Derbyshire, England, captures the heart of the local vicar’s daughter,

Eliza Bloome. Her dark beauty and spirited ways are not enough to win him, due to her station in life.

Circumstances throw Eliza in Hayward’s path, and they flee to America to escape the family conflicts. But as war looms, it's a temporary reprieve. Hayward

joins the revolutionary forces and what follows is a struggle for survival, a test of faith, and the quest to find lasting love in an unforgiving wilderness.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Before The Scarlet Dawn, go HERE.

My Thoughts:

Woman is to be your slave, you r servant. She is to lick your boots and always be a step behind you. She is to serve you. Never forget, you are the master.” (p89)

Hayward’s father was really smart when he gave this advice to his son, was he not? NOT! And poor Hayward defies his father, marries Eliza who is far beneath his social standing, and journeys to the Colonies to make a new life – just about the time the American Revolution breaks out! Talk about some challenges!

As the revolution becomes fully involved, both Eliza and Hayward face terrible circumstances that ultimately wreck havoc on both of their lives, and take them into the ultimate struggle of trusting God when life seems it bleakest. Hayward chooses a way that seems right unto his own eyes, and Eliza – well, she is placed at an excruciating cross roads. You’ll have to read the book to discover the details!

This is an intriguing story, however, I felt the some of the story line was too neatly fit together. Every situation just gelled too easily. There were very difficult circumstances to be certain, but I felt I was rushed in the resolution process. Fully fleshed out, this story could have easily made a two-novel series instead of single novel divided into four parts.

The spiritual truth contained within the novel is timely and very true! I don’t want to detract from that at all! But I just felt the story line was a bit forced. Read the novel for yourself and make your own decision. If you like historical romance, you will find much to enjoy!

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Mocha with Linda said...

I had issues with this book, especially the ending. Disappointing.