Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mulligans of Mt. Jefferson by Don Reid - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from David C. Cook)
Set in the 1950’s, this tender tale of lifelong friendship-through thick and thin-is about three old friends who still have something to learn about forgiveness and second chances.
Don Reid revisits Mt. Jefferson, the location of his popular first novel, O Little Town. Ike is in the White House, Elvis is on the radio, and God’s in His heaven, but three old friends aren’t sure what their roles are anymore.

Carl, Harlan, and Buddy grew up together, getting into-and out of-all the trouble that boys do. Now it’s 1959, Harlan’s in the hospital, and the three men review their lifelong friendship as Buddy and Cal-a cop and a preacher-attempt to solve a mystery involving the gunshot wound that put Harlan there.

My Thoughts:
Small-town life in the Virginian town of Mt. Jefferson in the late 1950’s has never become more satisfyingly real than in the pages of Don Reid’s latest novel, The Mulligans of Mt. Jefferson. This is the second novel Reid has set in this same town, but it was my introduction to his work, and I was very satisfied with my first visit to Mt. Jefferson! Buddy, Harlan and Cal are the centerpiece of the tale, but the reader is introduced to and gets to know many other people in the town. Reid intermingles the past and present seamlessly, and the reader not only able to “see” the boys grow up, but is able to enter into the present turmoil in their adult life with the great depth that only an understanding the past can offer.

The lives of the people of Mt. Jefferson are universal in their struggle to do what they can for those they love. They struggle, they fail, they try again and succeed, and all along the way they enjoy the comfort of lifelong loyal friendships that see them through every life event. I must say that I was surprised by the twists and turns that lay beneath the surface of the mystery shooting of Harlan! I had this niggling at the back of my mind about half-way through, but I never figured out the mystery! I love it when that happens!

And now that I’ve met the folks of Mt. Jefferson, I fully expect that Reid will take me back there again, because he left some pretty tantalizing loose ends!! This is a book that captures the essence of small town living. I know. I’ve lived in small towns my entire life. I enjoyed the gritty reality that is explored in the lifetime friendships within the story, and I liked the fact that they were willing to stick by one another when it wasn’t easy or pleasant.

This is a great story, and I look forward to another visit to the written words of Don Reid!

About the Author:

Don Reid, a member of the Statler Brothers, country music's premier singing group for nearly forty years, has established himself as a singer and professional writer in multiple fields.

As a songwriter of 240 published and recorded songs, many of them number one and top ten hits, Reid is the recipient of 18 BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) awards, 3 Grammy awards, 9 Country Music Association awards, 48 Music City News/TNN awards, 13 gold albums, and 8 platinum albums.

Reid also cowrote (with his brother Harold) the television series The Statler Brothers Show and numerous TV specials. He has published three nonfiction books (Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible, Sunday Morning Memories, and You Know It's Christmas When.). O Little Town is his first novel.

Don lives with his wife, Deborah, in Staunton, Virginia.

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