Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prayers for Today by Kurt Bjorklund - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)
A collection of classic and contemporary prayers, some derived from Scripture and others from the writings of Christian leaders throughout the centuries, this beautiful volume invites readers into a daily experience of closer intimacy with God. Each day's entry focuses on one of ten traditional types of prayer:

* Prayers of Thanksgiving
* Prayers of Confession
* Prayers of Affirmation
* Prayers of Petition
* Prayers of Renewal
* Prayers of Praise and Adoration
* Prayers to Have Christ-like Character
* Prayers for Wisdom and Guidance
* Prayers of Intercession
* Prayers of Surrender

With 260 entries -- enough for every weekday of an entire year -- Prayers for Today guides readers through a unique kind of spiritual pilgrimage, a pilgrimage toward the very throne room of God.

For any reader who's ever wanted more out of prayer or who's ever hungered for a greater sense of God's presence, Prayers for Today promises deepened communion with the One who treasures the words and longings of His people.

My Thoughts:
Prayers for Today is a unique way of learning more about prayer and what the Bible has to say about this very personal way we have been given to talk with God. Divided into ten deferent topics – ranging from Thanksgiving, Confession and Affirmation to Intercession and Adoration – the reader is led on a year-long prayer journey meant to aide their growth and maturity in their daily walk with Christ.

As I read through these prayers, I concentrated on the ones focused on Thanksgiving. Do you realize the Bible says we are to praise God in every circumstance? Good times and bad times all contain blessings from our Heavenly Father! Every day contains a variety of Scriptures, quotes from prayers, and then a sort of guide-prayer that gives readers ideas and suggestions of how to pray through and for certain situations and for guidance and wisdom.

This would be an ideal daily devotional for those who desire a closer personal relationship with Christ while centered around prayer, this devotional contains a lot of scripture and a lot of helpful Greek and Hebrew explanations of words used in scripture. I like the way many of the prayers are left open-ended and allow the reader to address personal issues in an intimate, scriptural way. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools in the Christian’s arsenal against the enemy, and it’s one that all Christians should grow and cherish in their daily walk.

About the Author:
KURT BJORKLUND was educated at Wheaton College, Trinity International University, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After serving two churches in the Chicago area, Kurt served as a Senior Pastor in a church in southeastern Michigan for a decade. He is currently the senior pastor of Orchard Hill Church, a large non-denominational church outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Faith live with their four sons in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

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