Thursday, October 7, 2010

The House on Malcom Street by Leisha Kelly - Reviewed

About the Book: (from the publisher)

When tragedy steals her future, can Leah learn to trust again?

It is the autumn of 1920, and Leah Breckenridge is desperate to find a way to provide for her young daughter. After losing her husband and infant son, she is angry at God and fearful about the days ahead. Finding refuge in a boardinghouse run by her late husband's aunt, Leah begins the slow process of mending her heart.

Is it the people who surround her--or perhaps this very house--that reach into her heart with healing? As Leah finds peace tending to an abandoned garden, can she find a way to trust God with her future?

A beautifully simple story about the complexities of life, The House on Malcolm Street is a treasure.

My Thoughts:

Leisha Kelly understands the power of prayer and a childlike faith to trust God in difficult circumstances. Her latest book, The House on Malcolm Street is saturated both in prayer and the childlike faith that makes God seem as close as your next breath. The characters in this story, some of them anyway, have experienced painful loss of people they loved. That loss has broken their faith down to the point where their ability to believe God cares at all has almost depleted them of faith all together. Wrestling with grief and loss, these folks struggle to maintain even the most basic friendships, because they have chosen to protect their hearts from any more hurt.

Amid these characters – Leah and Josiah play the leading tragic roles – there are characters who have not lost the peace and joy of trusting God. Marigold and Eliza shine as brightly as stars with their matter-of-fact faith. Little by little relationships begin to develop among the cast of characters, and they grow close enough to begin to reveal some of their wounded places. It is then that healing begins.

At first I thought this was going to be a pretty straight-forward love story. Now I don’t think it’s a love story at all but rather a story that shows the many ways God loves us in both small quiet ways and miraculous big ways. The House on Malcolm Street is a beautiful picture of God’s grace and mercy and His desire to redeem even the most broken hearted.

This book touched my heart, and I’m sure it will touch yours as well. I’m very happy to recommend this story to you!

About the Author:
Leisha Kelly is the author of several bestselling historical fiction books, including Emma's Gift, Julia's Hope, and Katie's Dream. She has served many years on her local library board, continuing to bring good reads and educational opportunities to her community. Once a waitress, cafe manager, tutor, and EMT, Leisha is now a busy novelist and speaker who is active in the ministries of her church. She lives with her family in Illinois.


Mocha with Linda said...

Loved this book. said...

Nice review!

I thought that The House on Malcolm Street was an interesting, but heavy read. I have read several books by Leisha Kelly and enjoyed Julia’s Hope, Emma’s Gift and Katie’s Dream.

The House on Malcolm Street was not a light hearted story. The issues it deals with are heavy and make for a daunting read sometimes. Does it have a lot of meaning packed into one novel? Yes, it is likely one you won’t forget about, but it’s kind of a rainy day book, if you know what I mean.

I have also written a more in-depth review on my own site:

-Tracy said...


When I said a “more in-depth review” I meant more in-depth compared to the short comment I had made.

Sorry if that was unclear.