Monday, March 15, 2010

Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig - REVIEWED

Move over, James Bond! Shiloh Blake and Reece Jaxon are on the scene! More specifically, Ronie Kendig’s debut novel, Dead Reckoning, is now available, and if high-action drama with romantic and spiritual undertones is what you are looking for….look no more! From the opening scenes to the final page, Dead Reckoning sets a wide-open pace and never looks back. Shiloh Blake is on an archeological dive one moment and the next she is under attack and praying she survives the next few moments. Reece Jaxon is trailing Shiloh’s every move, and it’s kind of hard to determine whose side he’s on in the beginning. However, it soon becomes clear that there is a significant and deadly plan unfolding, and both Shiloh and Reece are in up to their necks with no guarantee that they will survive.

Suspense and intrigue is my genre of choice, and Dead Reckoning was extremely satisfying in every way. Shiloh’s anger and bitterness toward her family and toward God was realistic and provided a tension and angst that made her character ring true. Reece’s character also faced internal struggles throughout the story, and while he tried to conceal his true heart, it was evident that he cared deeply for those he worked with and those he was assigned to protect. The combination of these two wounded characters made for believable and satisfying moments throughout the story, especially as they continued to collide both physically and emotionally within an escalating series of chases, explosions, shoot-outs and dives. The action was never-ending, and the time-frame to divert catastrophe made the reader feel like the entire plot was about to implode at any moment.

Dead Reckoning includes a terrorist plot that, given today’s headlines, was also very believable. While I know nothing of the inner workings of the CIA, Navy SEALS and other covert operatives, I felt like I had a realistic glimpse into the real difficulty these people face when the choices before them are often no more than kill or be killed. Kendig did an excellent job portraying the emotional and spiritual struggles faced by those who serve our country in this way. To me, this made the action and drama even more satisfying, because as the reader, you were made to care deeply for the main characters within the story.

What more can I say? Go. Read Dead Reckoning today! You will be entertained and left hungry for more! Write quickly, Ronie Kendig! Your readers need more! Quicky, quickly!!

Ronie Kendig holds a B.S. Degree in Psychology and is a wife, homeschooling mother of four, and an avid writer. An active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Ronie served as contest coordinator for the 2008 and 2009 Book of the Year contests and now serves as the assistant to the conference appointment coordinator. Ronie is a monthly columnist with the widely recognized blog Novel Journey and the International Christian Fiction Writers. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas. This is her debut novel. Find Ronie on the web at


Mocha with Linda said...

I've read two amazing debut novels recently. This is one of them!

Ronie Kendig said...

Thanks for posting this review, Kim! You've blessed me.

Wow, Linda, thank you! That's very encouraging to hear!