Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Angel's Den by Jamie Carie - REVIEWED

“Powder covers a multitude of sins.” (p.50)

The sins that Emma Daring powdered over were those perpetrated upon her by an angel – an angel straight from the pits of hell. Jamie Carie’s upcoming novel, Angel’s Den, is a journey into the darkness of human depravity. Jamie takes the reader into the nightmare of an abusive relationship, into the quiet place that an abused person escapes to from their horror, into a hopelessness and terror-filled life that will steal your breath away.

Yet…there is still redemption to be found. Using God’s traits of mercy and long-suffering, Jamie introduces the character of Luke, and latter Judge Littleton. Through their faith and their unwavering trust in God, Jamie reminds the reader that even in life’s most horrific, dark moments, God has not left us alone. Emma lives for a time in this story as little more than a prisoner, although she is surrounded by people. As she is moved out West under the most unusual of circumstances, God begins to quietly work in her heart and life to prepare her for the trial of her faith that lies ahead. Emma becomes a heroic figure in many ways simply because she endures even when it seems that death itself would be a preferred option.

Angel’s Den has to be Jamie Carie’s most riveting work to date. She shares the gospel by exploring the broken lives of her main characters and then through the grace offered by those who are obedient to reach out to them despite the risk it might involve. There are unexpected twists and turns throughout the story that will keep you reading at a frantic pace, and there comes a point when the reader feels rather desperate for some relief from the tension-filled plot. Looking into the heart of a depraved sinner is no easy task, but the realization that God’s love has pierced that veil for each of His children, that we are offered grace when we are so undeserving – well, dear reader, this is a story that will stay with you long after the final scene.

I’ve been blessed to meet Jamie Carie, and as I read this story I could picture her seated at her computer, tears streaming down her face, as she tells Emma’s story. It wasn’t until I sat to write this review that I realized Emma’s maiden name – Daring – is probably the most suitable and telling name that Jamie could have ever chosen. I imagine, if I were to ask her, she would tell me that God chose the name, and she just shared the story!

Angel’s Den. A story not to be missed. A story that defines grace. A story that will cause you to fall on your face before Holy God and Praise HIM for His son, Jesus!


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