Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A View From Matt Bronleewe's Window!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to share a recent interview I completed with Matt! He is one very exciting and adventuresome man, and he really pours his heart into his work! Please welcome Matt Bronleewe to my Window!!

Do you collect rare books?
I have a few rare books I picked up simply because I needed them as research tools for the August Adams series. I'd love to be serious collector...but it's an expensive hobby!

Is it your collecting or curiosity that leads you to such fantastic novel ideas?
Definitely curiosity. I love the collecting aspect too, but it's the absolutely unbelievable historical facts I find that drive me to write stories about August Adams.

Do you have anyone to assist you in your research or do you do it on your own?
For ILLUMINATED and HOUSE OF WOLVES, I hired research assistants to help me track down elusive facts. I'd send them on wild chases in an effort to connect historical theories. It was a great collective effort! For THE DEADLY HOURS, which won't come out till next August, I took a different approach. I decided to visit every location I was going to talk about, and dig a lot deeper personally into the history. The research took me from the Cloisters, one of the most amazing museums I've ever seen, all the way to France, where my wife and I journeyed through ancient cathedrals and mysterious medieval cities. I feel like I'm BECOMING AUGUST ADAMS!

How do you find your way through the vast amounts of information?
It's tricky. I feel like I've already dug up enough information for dozens of August Adams books! I just jump on whatever hits me in the moment, whatever feels the most exciting, or the most strange. One of the fun parts is finding the links between historical facts that don't seem to have any correlation to one another. For instance, I was shocked by all the links between the Antarctic and the Spear of Destiny (the lance that pierced Jesus' side) and knew that it would play a key part in HOUSE OF WOLVES!

Do you frequent museums or antique shops? Libraries? What are some of your favorites?
I love museums and libraries! Some of my favorites: As far as libraries go, nothing beats the Library of Congress in Washington DC. It's not only loaded with books, the place is absolutely breathtaking. I also really enjoyed my time at the Morgan Library in New York. They have an illuminated book collection that is facinating! As far as museums... The Cloisters in New York is amazing. It's like stepping back in time when you enter. Most of the structure is hundreds of years old, brought over from France. Speaking of which...there are so many great museums in Paris I'm not sure where to start...but Musee d'Orsay is a real standout!

Has ancient history always been an interest of yours? What draws you to these historic characters?
I'm not sure exactly when the bug bit me, but I don't remember being very interested in history in school. I guess some of my fascination goes back to the first time I heard about the Gutenberg Bible....and then learned more about Gutenberg himself. So much many things intrigued me to the point that I knew I had to write about it! I just thought it would be fun, for both the readers and myself, to place the historical facts inside of a thriller story. That's how ILLUMINATED was birthed....and that's how all my August Adams stories start...from real history!

What will August and April be doing next?
I can't completely give away the story... But as I mentioned earlier, FRANCE plays an important role...and more specifically, SOUTHERN FRANCE. Just look up the city of CARCASSONNE, and you'll get a taste! I saw AMAZING things in France......but you'll just have to wait to see what trouble August Adams gets into!

What exciting things is God doing in your life right now?
I'm so blessed to have an amazing wife and three great kids...spending time with them is the most important thing right now. Whether we're watching tv on the couch, or going somewhere fun and new, I learn so much by being with them. God is really teaching me about what it means to "serve your neighbor"...even when that "neighbor" is under your own roof!


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