Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Friday teaser for you!

You are in for a life-changing treat next week! Susan D. Hill has written a phenomenal book that will lead you into a closer relationship with God!

Please don't miss this tour! I will be posting my review along with a great interview with this genuine, warm lady who is sold out to the Lord!

I have an extra copy to give away, so stay tuned on Monday for the details on that! You truly don't want to miss a word of this book!

And we have a second treat coming up next week as well! I will be featuring the first in a series of books by Virginia Smith! Her Sister-to Sister series is going to include three books, and you will certainly have a lot to look forward to if Stuck In The Middle is just the first installment!

I have also been able to talk with Virginia about this work, and I will be posting that interview here as well!

So stay tuned! Next week is going to be filled with lots of encouragement and excitement! I have more than 10 books that will be touring here next month, so I will be busily reading during the weekend! I hope you have a great book to enjoy too! May your weekend be filled with God's richest blessings! See you Monday!

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Scrambled Dregs said...

You reading maniac, you.

Here's a fun game.

(my latest post if the link doesn't work.) You've been tagged to come out and play. Let me know when you post it.

Happy weekend.