Monday, October 15, 2007

Amy Grant's newest book: Mosaic!!! 3 copies to Give Away!!

Mosaic, by definition, is a word that defines something designed out of small pieces to create a whole pattern – be it from small pieces of glass, cloth or any other thing that is colorful and unique. Biologically, the term describes a person displaying alternative characteristics of both parents. But, I suppose one of my favorite definitions is the image of colored threads arranged side by side so that the cross section shows a pattern. I’ve often been directed to the analogy of God weaving a beautiful pattern in our lives…we see only the strings and pieces of our own lives, but He views the completed and beautiful whole.

Amy Grant must have chosen the title of her book with all of those meanings in mind, for her book Mosaic Pieces of my Life So Far is exactly what the title implies. It is a book built of random stories from her life joined by the words of songs she has sung and poems she has written throughout her forty-some-odd years of living. However, once you reach the end of the book, you see the picture of her life as a whole and the beautiful way that God has worked in her and through her to create the light of His love among the people and places He has designed especially for her. She knows that and recognizes the awesomeness of His love and mercy in her life, and that is what makes Mosaic a beautiful book.

I will admit, the only thing I knew about Amy Grant when I agreed to review her book was that she sang a song (Age to Age) that I liked a lot when I was younger. Now, after reading the book, I know that she is only eight years older than I am and that her childhood was not much different from mine. Because of that fact, I could relate to alot of the stories she shared in her book. There were stories that made me laugh, made me cry and stories that made me want to dance unto the Lord as she did once. I love the way she loves her children and her extended family, and I especially love how real and personal her relationship is to the Lord.

I imagine that if I was ever presented with the opportunity to meet Amy that we would find a lot to talk about. I have always felt it was important to record the events of my life, and I too have written journals full of events and many poems along the way to commemorate the moments that stood out in my own forty years of living. As a Christian, I am able to look back on the mosaic of my own life and see how gloriously God designed each step of the way and I am able to be thankful for His faithfulness and mercy. I can go back to the words of the song Amy sung for the first time so long ago, and be very, very glad that Age to Age He’s still the same!!

It was a privilege to be able to review this book, and I would highly recommend a copy to anyone who enjoys people who are real and who love the Lord. I have three copies that I will be giving away here on my site, so I invite you to leave a comment…you might receive your own copy to keep!! Please leave your email address in your comment so I can notify you when you are chosen! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! Thanks, Amy for following God’s direction and sharing the Mosaic of your life with us!


Judy said...

After reading the review on the book "Mosaic", I really would enjoy reading the book. I like her music and it sounds like her book will be good also. I would like to enter the drawing for the free book. Judy

Rachel said...

Hi Kim!

After reading your reviews I think I may have to take a trip to the bookstore! I am looking forward to reading Amy GRants book, I love her music!