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The Hardest Thing by Penelope Wilcock - brief review

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The Hardest Thing

Crossway Books (July 31, 2011)


Penelope Wilcock


PENELOPE WILCOCK is a full-time author living in Hastings, Sussex, on the southeast coast of England. Her blog, Kindred of the Quiet Way, is about a simple and spiritual Christian lifestyle. Her other books in The Hawk and the Dove series are The Hawk and the Dove, The Wounds of God, and The Long Fall.


This latest in Wilcock’s The Hawk and the Dove series takes readers into the world of a fourteenth-century monastery struggling to forgive an old enemy seeking refuge.

The first of three sequels to the celebrated The Hawk and the Dove trilogy takes place one year after the end of the third book, in the early fourteenth century. A peaceful monastery is enjoying its new abbot, who is taking the place of Father Peregrine, when an old enemy arrives seeking refuge. Reluctantly taking in Prior William, the upended community must address old fears and bitterness while warily seeking reconciliation. But can they really trust Prior William?

In her fourth book in the series, Penelope Wilcock wrestles with the difficulties of forgiveness and the cautions of building trust. Taking the form of journal entries, her story will delight the imaginations of readers captivated by a time and place far distant from our current world. Her timeless themes, however, will challenge our prejudices today as we, along with her characters, are forced to ask ourselves, “What is the hardest thing to do?”

My Thoughts:

It is difficult to join a series on the fourth book and really care about the characters. There is a great cast of characters to be sure, and the stories of the medical care they receive was particularly fascinating to me. However, I never felt fully vested in the story. I don't have a lot of understanding about priests and such, so that was hard to follow at times. I did appreciate the trouble they endured, and I enjoyed the realistic nature of their struggles, but because I hadn't followed the entire story...I lost interest.

I would suggest starting at the beginning, because this is a very well written story and the characters are interesting. But don't start at the end. It's frustrating.

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Hardest Thing, go HERE.

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