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Broken - a musical

Original Production Stars Popular Christian Recording Artists Callann Lane, Nate Sallie, Darrell Vanzant and Manic Drive’s Shawn Cavallo

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- Christian television network JCTV will premiere the new teen musical BROKEN on Labor Day – Monday, September 5th - at 7:00 p.m. EST, with encore airings scheduled throughout the month. The all-new original production stars popular Christian recording artists Callann Lane, Nate Sallie, Darrell Vanzant and Shawn Cavallo of the band Manic Drive.

BROKEN is a dynamic and moving new musical based on the one-act play "Broken Heart." Thanks to widespread performances at youth camps and conferences all over the country, the play has been viewed by an estimated audience of more than 4 million people worldwide. BROKEN was developed into a musical by Callann Lane (formerly known as Cali), who saw so much of her own story reflected in the storyline of the main character of the play that she knew it was something she wanted to introduce to an even wider audience.

“BROKEN is not shy about covering the issues facing our youth today,” says Lane. “It hits those subjects straight on, allowing teenagers to emotionally identify with the characters in the musical. They watch a girl and guy go down paths that look much like their own. Because of that, teens leave with a very specific choice to make in their own lives.”

BROKEN is the story of a young girl growing up through the pains of life, wounded by her parents, friends and a boyfriend that continues to tear away at her heart. Throughout these life-changing and pivotal moments in her life, a dark and mysterious friend appears to offer dangerous solutions to her problems. Despite her acceptance of these distractions, Jesus continues to meet her where she is, approaching her with compassion despite her reluctance to accept His Love. In her darkest hour, she finds truth and healing in a surprising and powerful way.

"My first experience with BROKEN was during my freshman year in college,” says Darrell Vanzant, who plays the role of Jesus in the new musical. “I was a camp counselor at a Young Life camp in Colorado for a group of high school kids from my hometown. I remember how powerful the material was for the campers, and for myself, and that it was a creative and relevant way to present the message that needed to be heard. Fast forward about 15 years and I find myself honored to be included not only in the development of the project, but as a member of the cast as well.”

Christian mega-site has signed on as the exclusive online partner, with exclusive contests, interviews and other content leading up to the premiere. Additionally, will host a live online chat event with the cast immediately following the September 5th premiere.

The television premiere will be followed by a DVD release and a soundtrack recording featuring the original cast. Youth group curriculum will also be available, and plans are in the works for a BROKEN event tour in 2012.

“I think we have a unique and very special tool that can serve many different needs within youth groups, the Church and beyond,” says executive producer Jay Coyle. “In fact, we have added to our production to better serve teens through discussion guides, interactive viewings and live performances at local churches and schools.”

The four main cast members of BROKEN are well known to fans of Christian music and beyond. Chart-topping and Dove Award nominated recording artist Nate Sallie (Satan) is well known for his solo projects as well as for his tenure as the lead vocalist for Newsong. In addition to his music career, Sallie launched the Nashville-based School of Worship. Shawn Cavallo (the boyfriend) is the frontman for the popular Christian rock band Manic Drive, who continue to top radio playlists throughout North America while touring with bands like Stryper, Superchick, Fireflight and more. Darrell Vanzant (Jesus) recently released the album “Surrender,” and continues to write and produce for a variety of artists.

Rounding out the cast is leading lady Callann Lane (Callann), who has been heard on Radio Disney, Mainstream Top 40 and Christian radio stations throughout North America, in addition to heavy touring with the likes of JUMP5, PureNRG and the nationwide ShoutFest Tour.

BROKEN is produced by Levity Records in association with Music Geek Management. The executive producers are Callann Lane, Darrell Vanzant and Jay Coyle.

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