Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Are You Really, Why? by Ed Renegar - REVIEWED

About The Book:
Go deeper into the thrilling story of the gospel. Learn how sinful, fallen, incomplete mankind can become whole again through Who Are You Really, Why? Due to the sin of Adam and Eve, the spirit linking them to God died and they became less than complete. As the children of Adam and Eve, we were born after the image and likeness of our sinful,fallen, incomplete parents. Therefore, all people come into this world alienated from God, and this alienation can only be erased by the miracle working of the Holy Spirit giving sinful humanity a new birth and entrance into the family of God. Using in-depth word studies of the original Hebrew and Greek biblical texts, Who Are You Really, Why? explores the intriguing and often complex story of the human condition and answers the questions of how we can be made right with God and experience a happy, contented, and fruitful Christian life. The message of the Bible is how God, through love, planned the restoration of His children by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross.

My Thoughts:
This is a pretty neat, yet brief, book that explains the state of the natural, unsaved man, and the need for salvation. It goes on to take a look at what the Bible has to say about the way we come to Christ as well as explains the process of sanctification and the way that Christians grow in their knowledge and understanding of their new relationship with God. I think this would be an excellent tool in the hands of mature Christians as they nurture new Christians in their faith walk. It is good for all Christians to understand how the Lord works in our lives to save our souls and transform our lives into living sacrifices to Him.

I appreciate the succinctness of this volume (only 93 pages) and the way the author uses Scripture to explain his thoughts. This volume has a lot of Scripture references and is not confusing nor hard to understand. The author also uses clear explanations for basic theological ideas that all Christians will encounter as they grow up in their faith. This is not only a good study for more mature Christians, but is a book that many new Christians will appreciate as they gain understanding of their new life in Christ.

About the Author:
Born on August 24, 1917, David Edward Renegar is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has been an ordained minister for over sixty years, serving as pastor to numerous Presbyterian congregations in the Appalachian region.

In 1940, Ed graduated from Moody Bible Institute, where he studied Hebrew. Ed finished work for his AB degree from Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn. while working as a chemical analyst for the Aluminum Co. of America. He later completed his Bachelor of Divinity and his Master of Theology degrees at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where he studied Hebrew and more Greek. Currently retired from full-time ministry, Ed has four grown children and lives with his wife in Patrick Springs, Virginia.

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