Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The American Patriot's Almanac by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)

365 reasons to love America!

The fife and drum of history mark the time of each passing day. And within their cadence, personalities, conflicts, discoveries, ideas, and nations peal and fade. American history is no different. From the starving time of Jamestown during the Winter of 1609, through the bloody argument of the Civil War, and to today, the United States is a tale best told one day at a time. Dr. William J. Bennett distills the American drama into 365 entries—one for each day of the year. Fascinating in its detail and singular in its grasp of the big themes, Bennett’s Almanac will make anyone a fan of history. Even better, it will make of everyone a patriot.

This revised edition includes:

A new preface and updated facts and figures Updates to the American History Parade lists and daily readings New special sections on "Faith and the Founders," "State Facts and Symbols," and "Fifty American Quotes"

My Thoughts:

What a TREASURE!! For each day of the year you can read about a significant event in history. Following that, you can read about other significant historical events that occurred on that same date in other years. This is truly inspirational and fascinating details of our great country that everyone should know and enjoy! The book also includes the facts of how our Constitution was written and ratified, as well as a copy of the Constitution and its amendments. This incredible book includes prayers, poems and significant information about each state in our great nation.

There has never been a time more important for patriotism to be renewed in the heart of the American people. This almanac is sure to inspire both patriotism as well as grateful unto God for allowing us to enjoy the freedom so unique to the United States. I cannot recommend this book highly enough! There should be a copy in every home in America!

God Bless the USA!!

About the Authors:

Dr. William J. Bennett is one of America’s most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural, political, and educational issues. A Brooklyn native, Bill Bennett studied philosophy at Williams College (B.A.) and the University of Texas (Ph.D.) and earned a law degree from Harvard. Host of the top-ten nationally syndicated radio show Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, he is also the Washington Fellow of the Claremont Institute. Former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1981-1985), and Secretary of Education (1985-1988), and first director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (1989-1990), Bennett is a regular contributor to CNN and has contributed to America’s leading newspapers, magazines, and television shows. He is the author and editor of seventeen books, two of which—The Book of Virtues and The Children’s Book of Virtues—rank among the most successful of the past decade. He, his wife Elayne, and their two sons, John and Joseph, live in Maryland.

John Cribb is a writer and president of the Palmetto Creative Group, a communications firm. A native of Spartanburg, S.C., he studied literature at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. His previous work includes co-authoring The Educated Child (with William J. Bennett and Chester E. Finn), co-editing The Human Odyssey, a 3-volume world history text, and developing on-line history courses. During the Reagan administration, he served at the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is also a co-founder of BulletinNEWS, an electronic publishing company. He lives in Spartanburg, S.C., with his wife Kirsten and his daughters Molly and Sarah.

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This sounds like a really neat book. My boy loves history - this would make a good Christmas gift.