Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finding the Light of Jesus by Cindy Tuttle - Reveiwed


Face it; life is full of stress. Whether we must deal with daily mild irritations like spilled milk or traffic jams, or extreme problems like the death of a family member, divorce or job loss, each of these events�as well as those that fall in between these opposite ends of the scale�cause anxiety, worry, or even ill physical health.

Finding the Light of Jesus provides reflections and revelations which allow us to step back from our problems, reflect on what is most important in the present moment, and rely on spiritual healing - the Light - to experience inner peace and calm in the midst of trouble.

This is a book that reflects the heart of the author. You can tell that she truly desires that everyone enjoy a close personal relationship with Christ. Her thoughts are reflected in poem-like prayers that the reader can read or pray as the need suits them as they read. The author shares a variety of circumstances that are common to all believers' walk through this life, and she makes practical application through her thoughts and prayers to guide readers toward Christ in any and every situation. There are even pages included for the reader to journal as the progress through the book.

I think many will enjoy this book as a tool for worship. I do wish there were more direct quotes from the Bible or at least Scripture references for the reader to refer to, but overall, I think Christians will find this an encouraging and helpful book to use in their daily walk with Christ.

Cindy Tuttle is a writer who writes from the heart. I have a joy of life that I want to share. My books try and offer hope and encouragement. I see writing as my ministry and showing the love Jesus has for all of us. Below are some of the ways I try and live my faith.

In addition to Finding the Light of Jesus, she also has a book called Joining in the Dance of Life. This book assists us with looking at the simple joys in daily life that we might miss. It is thirty days dedicated to helping you live a joyful life.

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Cindy Tuttle Christian author said...

Kim, thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review Finding the Light of Jesus.You are right- my heart was very much a part of this book.I agree with your suggestion to add more scripture. I actually have a manuscript which takes each line from psalm 27 and relates to living our life with faith and courage. Thanks again for your awesome review!Is there a chance you could post this on Amason?

With Love,
Cindy Tuttle