Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bridegrooms by Allison Pittman - REVIEW and GIVE AWAY!

ABOUT THE BOOK: (from the publisher)
Tragedy hits the Allenhouse family when a mother of four vanished. Eight-year-old Vada virtually grew up overnight and raised her three younger sisters while her father lost himself in his medical practice in the basement of their home.

Now, Vada is a grown woman, still making her home with her father and sisters. Her days are spent serving as an errand girl for Cleveland's fledgling amateur orchestra; her evenings with Garrison Walker, her devoted, if passionless, beau.

Dizzying change occurs the day the Brooklyn Bridegrooms come to town to play the Cleveland Spiders and a line drive wallops the head of a spectator. The fan is whisked to the Allenhouse parlor, and questions swirl about the anonymous, unconscious man.

Suddenly, the sbudued house is filled with visitors, from a flirtatious, would-be sports writer to the Bridegrooms' handsome star hitter to the guilt-ridden ballplayer who should have caught the stray shot. The medical case brings Dr. Allenhouse a frustration and helplessness he hasn't felt since his wife's disappearance. Vada's sisters are giddy at the bevy of suitors. And Vada's life is awakened amid the super-charged atmosphere of romantic opportunity.


“Sometimes there are things in this world that strike such dear in us; the only way to face them is in our dreams.” (p. 213)

The Allenhouse family is a family in need of some dreams fulfilled, because they have most certainly had enough of them shattered! Vada, Althea, Hazel and Lissette are the daughters of Doctor Allenhouse, and they all have many special talents and dreams that they hope to be fulfilled. They also share some secrets about their past that bind them together both positively and negatively. When the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and the Cleveland Spiders face off on the baseball diamond in their hometown, all of their dreams get turned topsy-turvy in the most unexpected ways!

Allison Pittman writes stories with a lot of depth and a thread of tender longing that woos your heart from first page to last. The Bridegrooms reminded me somewhat of Little Women because of the four sisters. The housekeeper, Ms. Molly was such a treasure! I could count on her to add some levity to any situation! As a matter of fact, when all of the ballplayers first showed up she said, “If I catch any one of ya layin’ so much as a finger on any of my girls, I’ll strip you down and grind ya up for sausage. Startin’ with your feet so ya can watch the whole thing!” (p 73) Vada had been mothering her siblings for far too long, and her inner struggle was painful to behold. Hazel was such a bold dreamer and suffragette! Althea was a tragically wounded soul with treasure buried deep within, and Lisette was just a total flirt! All of these women discover much about themselves in this story as well as what it means to really love someone. Their journey is precious and timeless!

Now, I must say, when I read this passage I wanted to swoon a bit myself: “The way he looked at her made Vada feel as if she herself was sprinkled with sugar, about to be devoured right there on the street.” And boy was I surprised how all of it worked out!! Folks, this is romance, family dynamics, and real life all rolled into one. I was totally drawn in and held captivated from first page to last. I happily and strongly recommend The Bridegrooms to you!

I have an extra copy of this book to give away! So leave a comment on this post, along with your contact information to be entered to win!!

Allison Pittman is the author of Stealing Home, the Crossroads of Grace series, and her nonfiction debut, Saturdays With Stella. A former high-school English teacher, she serves as director of the theater arts group at her church. Allison makes her home in Texas with her husband and their three boys. Learn more about the author at www.allisonpittman.com.


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