Friday, April 30, 2010

Allon book 1 by Shawn Lamb REVIEWED

Pain is an emotion that passes with time. Trust and obedience are actions that surpass all emotion.”

(p. 239)

Allon is a world suffering under the weighty reign of an evil King named Marcellus and his other-worldly Shadow Warriors. The power beneath the King’s reign is the dark lord Dagar. When a prophecy reveals that a Son of Tristan would restore the throne of his ancestor and that a Daughter of Allon would usher in the return of the Guardians it becomes clear that a way has been made for the return of the Almighty Jor’el.

Prince Ellis is but a mere lad of sixteen when he begins to flee to safety from the attack of the Shadow Warriors. Rescued by a woman of unusual strength and valor, accompanied by a wolf and eagle with equally unusual power, Ellis begins a long and arduous journey toward the fulfillment of the prophecy that so frightens Dagar and his underlings. Shannon and her mystical animal helpers prove to be far more than a mortal girl, and she works hand in hand with Ellis to secure the future restoration of the land of Allon.

Shawn Lamb’s novel Allon has elements that will remind readers of other allegorical stories from Tolkien or Lewis. Some allegories are so strong (Tristan’s battle with Magelan) that it seems Biblical stories have been only mildly altered to fit into the narrative. However, the overall effect is one of epic good versus evil, and young readers will find much to enjoy among the pages. I had my 16-year-old son to read ahead of me so I could get his perspective, and although he enjoyed the writing, he said the story was a bit too similar to other stories that have preceded this one.

Allon is a well-written adventure tale better suited perhaps to younger teens. Personally, I think it would make a great read-aloud exercise for parents to share with their children and would offer opportunities to discuss the allegory behind the story. If you enjoy sweeping sagas and grand adventure tales, you will find much to enjoy amid the pages of Allon.

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Shawn Lamb said...

Thank you for participating in this blog tour and for your honest review. Actually, your suggestion of reading aloud is exactly what my family does. We have 'reading' nights, and sometimes included my daughter's friends. ALLON was among those reading nights and familiarity was something that helped in associating and comparing concepts, especially for immigrant friends of different cultures and beliefs.

Again, thank you.