Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mesi - Girls 'n Grace by Pam Davis

What a delightful book! Pam Davis’ has created a precious character names Mesi (rhymes with lacey) who lives in a small African village. Family responsibilities have taken her out of school, and she dreams of continuing her education. One of the elder members of her village encourages her to pray and ask God to meet her needs, yet it seems her prayers bring only more difficulty. Follow Mesi’s story as she works alongside her family through hard challenges. Along the way, you will learn how God’s grace is evident in all of our circumstances, and if we will look, we will see Him answering prayer in very unexpected ways!

If you have young girls in your life, the Girls ‘n Grace series should be in your collection! These books contain a wealth of information about African culture as well as beautiful illustrations throughout the book. Pam Davis has actually created much more than a terrific book series! You can purchase dolls of each character and participate in an interactive website along with the entire Girls ‘n Grace cast!

This series would be ideal for Sunday school classes and home school classes. The stories will create many opportunities for discussion as you read, and this series will create a wonderful way to spend fun, meaningful time with the young girls in your life. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Pam Davis for creating such a wonderful place for girls to exercise their minds and their imagination! This series is absolutely terrific!

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