Friday, May 2, 2008

Book 2 in The Star Fighters of Murphy Street Series

From the Publisher's Website:

Know Your Star-Fighters Beamer: California transplant to a weird Midwestern town. Feels like he’s living on another planet. Scilla: the gangly tomboy next door. Ghoulie: the class nerd.

Add one spaceship-shaped tree house capable of taking them most anywhere in the universe. Hop in and blast off for fantastic outer space adventures in Star-Fighters of Murphy Street—the quirky, funny, fast-paced new trilogy by Robert West.

Taking a shortcut home from school, the Star-Fighters are chased by a horrible one-eyed creature into a cavern that houses an entire miniature world. Everything is animated—cars, trucks, moon, clouds, stars—but no one is at the controls. Who would make such a thing and then abandon it?

The Star-Fighters’ search leads them on a wild adventure to a palatial mansion within a wintry jungle that hides a terrible secret—a secret that defines the limits of trusting God.


In the second book in The Star-Fighters of Murphy Street trilogy, Robert West expands his adventures. As we learned in the first book, There’s a Spaceship In My Tree, God has designed each of us with special gifts and for a special purpose. Beamer, Scilla and Ghoulie have learned to function as a star-fighter team, and now their adventures lead them to a truly strange world! If you thought Mrs. Parkers house was weird in book one, you should see her brother’s house in Attack of the Spider Bots!

No longer afraid of school bullies, the star-fighter trio encounters two different people who need someone to re-open their hearts and minds to the dreams they once held dear. Mr. Parker is an older man imprisoned in his own home and Jack is a young homeless boy who believes his mother is a hopeless cause. What do the two have in common? They both need an encounter with the Star Fighters of Murphy Street! Together they all learn that “…if you trusted, even in the darkest times, that the Lord wouldn’t desert you, you just might find that God has laid out another dream for you even bigger than the one you first imagined. All you had to do was hang on for the ride.” (p148-149)

The tree-house is still taking folks on unbelievable adventures, and there is still some mysterious creature lurking in the attic. All-in-all, Robert West has created another exciting adventure that your young readers are sure to enjoy! You will certainly be ready to pounce on the third in the series…Escape from the Drooling Octopod! Start your Murphy Street adventure here today!

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