Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girls 'n Grace by Pam Davis - Terrific Summer Reading!!

I am officially declaring myself a Pam Davis fan! Let me introduce you to another book in the Girls ‘n Grace series; Sidney Claire’s Seasons of Change! What a wonderful way to explore social issues during a very turbulent time in our nation’s history! Set in Texas during the 60’s, Sydney Claire’s Seasons of Change explores de-segregation and its impact on our country. Sydney Claire’s parents lovingly teach here about God’s love for all people and how to stand up for what is right even when its not popular or easy.

Sydney Claire learns first-hand about racial differences when she befriends Patricia at the local library. As it turns out, Patricia is one of only three black students to attend her elementary school that Fall, and Sydney Claire has to make her own decisions regarding friendship and treating people the same regardless of the color of their skin. With the loving guidance of her parents and their strong faith in God’s love, Sydney Claire learns a very important lesson!

Once again, Pam Davis has created a beautifully illustrated book that is both informative and entertaining. If you want to spend some great one on one time with the young girls in your life and teach them important life lessons, pick up this book today! The Girls ‘n Grace series will make a fabulous addition to any home or church library!

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