Friday, October 28, 2011

Smoothie Rock-A-Teller on the Whopper Stopper by Dr. Gerald Mittmann Illustrated by Gregory Cannone - REVIEWED

About the Book:

There is a story in the Bible about a WHOPPER of a giant who did not love God. Everything about him was a whopper - he was whopper tall, whopper strong, and whopper mean! Everyone was afraid of this giant, except for one.

This is David and Goliath told from the eyes of the littlest one. No, not from David (the watcher of the baa-baa mini cloud-walkers), but the rock who saw it all!

Now, rocks don't walk, and rocks don't talk, but if they could...they would tell you of the time that a whopper champion came looking for a whopper fight with the army of Israel, and how God used one small boy to bring him down with a simple little whopper stopper!

The entire family will enjoy this Bible devotion as Smoothie Rock-A-Teller shares David's story of courage in a way you've never heard before!

My Thoughts:
Oh man! You have got to read this book out loud!! It is PRECIOUS!! Kids are going to eat this up! But parents, be advised, practice a few tounge twisters before you read it! A whopper-talking-walk-about is only one of the many creative descriptions used by Dr. Mittmann in this wonderful book! Bible stories will be more fascinating than ever when you read Mittmann's version! Sunday school teachers will be well equipped to not only teach children Bible stories, but will have discussion questions at their fingertips to teach and guide children to the truth found in the stories!

This is cool! WAY COOL!! Check it out! Buy some for the children in your life! Buy some for your favorite Sunday School Teacher! These are fun and cool!!

About the Author and Illustrator:

Author Gerald Mittmann has worked with children in ministry since 1978, organizing and directing children’s Bible camps, Sunday children’s sermons, Awana clubs, and speaking at mid week elementary Christian school chapels. He graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary in 1986 with a Master’s of Divinity degree in Bible exposition, and then went on to receive his Doctor of Ministry degree from Talbot/Biola University in 2005. He has been a pastor to families and children in three evangelical churches, and has led several biblical drama teams to the mission fields of Mexico, Honduras, and Africa’s Congo (DRC) to act out biblical plays which he wrote.

Illustrator Gregory Cannone received a BFA in Studio Art from Rutgers University. From his work with Jim Henson and the Muppets, to designing the unexpected for Nickelodeon, Gregory has been immersed in the world of children’s product design and entertainment since 1984 as a Toy Designer and Inventor. In addition to creating a multitude of hit toys for the major toy companies, Gregory has been passionate about teaching with a focus on Early Childhood Education. Dubbed “The Preschool Whisperer” because of his unique skills inspiring young children, Gregory has served as a co-collaborator with the author Gerald Mittmann ministering to children for the past 11 years using some very unique ways of teaching. From a time machine that materializes living Bible characters to a 20 foot high volcano that shoots “lava balls” containing biblical questions, the team strive to make learning God’s Word fun!

Title of Book Smoothie Rock-A-Teller
Name of Author(s) Gerald Mittmann
ISBN 1935265784

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