Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sifted by Rick Lawrence - REVIEWED

About the Book:
For Christians discouraged by life's difficulties-both the life-shifting catastrophes and the drip-drip-drip of daily trouble-Rick Lawrence offers fresh biblical perspective based on a single Scripture snapshot (Luke 22:31-32). Jesus tells Peter he's about to be "sifted like wheat"-shaken hard, beaten and agitated until he practically falls apart. Satan's going to do it. And Jesus is going to allow it, in the interest of showing Peter who he really is. Lawrence uses the simple agrarian metaphor of "sifting" to launch his rigorously honest, deeply challenging, yet powerfully comforting exploration of the trials that beat us down, the good God who allows them, and the incredible beauty that the whole agonizing process can reveal in us.

My Thoughts:
This book came to me during the most traumatic event that I have ever experienced in my life on earth. Truly, it has been a season of Sifting in my life. It still is. However, God has proven faithful and true to every single promise He has made, and even though I'm still in a very terrible trial, I can still say that God is good ALL of the time, and He will transform your life if you just invite him into the situation.

That being said, this book was a balm to my soul. Rick Lawrence is very real and personal as he teaches about God's use of sifting us during our lives on earth so He can draw us closer to Him and enable us then to encourage others. I've experienced that truth in my life too. This is a very real and honest look at some of the questions that arise in the hearts of people who have been sifted. Sometimes people choose another path other than the one of God's blessing. Rick addresses that too.

Bottom line, if you are or have experienced a time of Sifting in your life, this book will bless and comfort you. If you have not experienced this, you will, and this book will give you Scriptural perspective that will strengthen you and make you more prepared for the journey. This is an excellent book, and one I am grateful that God brought into my life for such a time as this.

About the Author:
Rick Lawrence is the long-time editor of GROUP magazine and co-leader of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. He also speaks frequently for conferences and workshops, consults for national research organizations, and publishes prolifically-with 31 books (authored, coauthored or edited), hundreds of articles, and a small-group curriculum to his credit.

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