Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Piece of Silver by Clark Rich Burbidge - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from Winpress Publishing)

Have you ever felt completely alone or invisible?

Have you ever cried out in the night for God to send someone, anyone that would notice or care?

Daniel is a young homeless boy living such a life in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. After finding shelter in a poor stable, his fitful sleep is interrupted as he witnesses the birth of the Savior of the world. Step into Daniel’s strange and unforgiving world and experience the events of that night of all nights through the eyes of this young boy. Look on with reverence as he makes a personal offering of love and hope. Follow the young boy as he grows and struggles to make something of his life and seems to come short again and again. Then draw near to the young man, now grown, as he again finds himself in the presence of Jesus where his life-long prayers are answered.

Clark R. Burbidge has created a faith-filled, uplifting story for the ages that will be shared again and again. A Piece of Silver will infuse young readers with wonder and awe as they view events through the eyes of a child. Older readers will find hope and courage as they press onward toward the struggles of teenage and young adult years. The story will moisten the eyes of parents and grandparents with understanding. But most of all it will bring all ages closer to the Savior Himself in knowing that they are never alone.

My Thoughts:
There have been a lot of stories written from a lot of different perspectives about the birth of Christ. A Piece of Silver is perhaps the most unique perspective of this Biblical event, because the author plants the seed for an even more significant event in the future! And you won't believe the thread he uses to tie it together!

Now, it's not drawn from the Bible account. But it is a creative way of binding two significant events together both in perspective and by physical evidence. You have to think a bit about what you might think were you in that same position. Actually, you have to realize that you WERE in that same position before you came to Christ!

I would be careful to explain to any child what the BIBLE has to say about both events, and that this is a creative effort to tie the meaning of these two events together in a spiritual sense. And that would lead to a great opportunity to share the gospel with children at an early age!!

So, consider A Piece of Silver while making your gift list this year! This is a beutifully illustrated story that children will enjoy time and time again!

About the Author:
Clark Burbidge was born and raised in the high mountain valleys of the Rockies. He received an MBA degree from the University of Southern California and a BS degree in finance from the University of Utah. His career spans 31 years in banking, project finance, investment banking and more recently as a Chief Financial Officer. His experiences have taken him throughout the nation and world. He has been actively involved in community and church service, including lay youth and adult ministry, for over 35 years. He continues to enjoy swimming, scuba diving, mountain/road biking, history, church and community service, composing and playing music, public speaking, writing and anything in which his children are involved.

Clark and his sweetheart, Leah, currently make their home close to the high mountain trails and enjoy their blended family experience of 10 children and two grandchildren. It has been his long- term dream to write and publish several works that have been kicking around in his mind and on paper for many years. His first book, “Life on the Narrow Path: A Mountain Biker’s Guide to Spiritual Growth in Troubled Times” was released nationally in March 2011. He looks forward to this next phase of life’s wonderful adventure.

Annie Henrie (Illustrator): Annie Henrie was born in Manhattan, New York. Her earliest memories involve regular trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and watching her father, who was a successful artist, paint. Annie’s father started out drawing small figures for her copy then helped her with her first oil painting. She has known since age five that she wanted to be an artist. Her father continues to be a mentor and support.

Annie grew up in Bountiful, Utah. She began selling paintings in galleries at age 16, studied in England and Italy, and has won numerous awards. Annie graduated from Brigham Young University in April 2010, majoring in Illustration. She is now enjoying her dream career of creating art for a living.

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Leah said...


Thank you for you sensitive and informative feedback. You truly caught the focus and spiritual direction of my book. I agree this book is best experienced with other family members. There is no more special moment than when a parent or Grandparent can turn to their dear child and say, you see, that is what it feels like when Jesus lets you know that He loves you.

I plan to share your blog comments with my friends.

Thanks again and God Bless You,

Clark Burbidge

PS I have a trailer for the book up on youtube. You can check it by typing in Clark Burbidge, it will take you straight to it.