Thursday, April 7, 2011

Voyage with the Vikings by Marianne Herring and Paul McCusker - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from Tyndale)

While visiting Mr. Whittaker at Whit's Soda Shoppe, Beth and Patrick find a mysterious letter in the Imagination Station requesting a Viking sunstone. The letter is old and says that someone named Albert will be imprisoned if the sunstone isn't found. Mr. Whittaker sends cousins Patrick and Beth to Greenland circa 1000. On their quest for the sunstone, the cousins meet Vikings Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson--and find the sunstone as they join Leif on his first voyage to North America. But the adventure is just beginning, for when they return to Mr. Whittaker's workshop with the sunstone, there is another note waiting for them, requesting a silver goblet.
Join Patrick and Beth as they continue their travel to various lands and time in the Imagination Station book series.

My Thoughts:

It is indeed a privilege to be able to promote Adventures in Odyssey’s latest series, Imagination Station! Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker have teamed up to take readers into ancient history as only Mr. Whitaker and his imagination station can do! When Beth introduces her cousin Patrick to Whit’s End and all of its marvelous assets, they inadvertently discover that the Imagination Station will only work if they are in it! Mr. Whitaker hasn’t been able to get it to do anything until Beth and Patrick appear, and he has a puzzling note that has been left in the station requesting an artifact from the Vikings!

Beth and Patrick are only too willing to travel back in time in search for the ancient artifact, but almost as quickly as they arrive among the Viking people they learn that their mission won’t be all excitement and adventure! To add to the risk and danger involved, they also learn that they have only a limited time before their doorway back to the future sets sail for Norway! When you add an easily angered Viking, Eric the Red, to the mix, Beth and Patrick find themselves in a situation neither could have anticipated!

This is a great tale for parents to use to introduce young readers to historical facts that will make them curious about the past. The story also contains timeless spiritual truths that young readers can easily recognize and apply to their daily lives. This series will be great for parents to use to engage children one on one with their reading skills as well as present fact that will spark interest in major historic events and characters. The Imagination Station series has much to offer the adventuresome spirit in every child!

About the Authors:

Paul McCusker is the creative content director for Focus on the Family. He has been a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and drama since 1979. His work includes over forty published novels, full-length plays, dramatic sketch collections, and song lyrics. For the Adventures in Odyssey series alone, he has written over 200 half-hour radio episodes, eighteen novels, and two screenplays for the best-selling animated videos. He has dramatized many classics for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, including A Christmas Carol and Jan Karon's At Home in Mitford. He also wrote and directed the Peabody Award–winning Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom and created the highly acclaimed Father Gilbert Mysteries series. Paul lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two children.

Marianne Hering is a prolific writer, having written hundreds of articles and a number of books for children and parents. For nine years she worked for several magazines in Focus on the Family's periodicals department and became the editor of Clubhouse, a Focus on the Family children's magazine with a circulation of over 100,000.

Marianne's book titles include two series for girls (Lights, Camera, Action; and White House Adventures) and a recent biography of William Bradford. Her most recent title is a compilation of activities from Clubhouse magazine, the Focus on the Family Clubhouse Family Activity Book.

As a mother of three children, Marianne is interested in parenting and education issues, including home schooling and tutoring reading. She graduated from Biola University (La Mirada, California) with a degree in psychology and has continued her education with courses in writing and editing. She and her husband, Doug, live in Colorado with their nine-year-old daughter, Danielle, and two-year-old twin sons, Justin and Kendrick.

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