Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beyond the Mirror by Ashley Weis - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)

When our husband’s porn addictions come out into the open it completely destroys our trust and security, not to mention our self-esteem. It’s tough to find the broken pieces of our marriage and heart, much less put them back together.

Beyond the Mirror defines true beauty — beauty that transcends time and reflects the character of Jesus Christ vs. the counterfeit beauty that leads women down a path of endless striving. Ashley Weis relates to readers and challenges each of us to break the glass of our own reflections and discover the joy and freedom that is waiting beyond the mirror.

Women who want to learn how to find the beauty in the storm and feel content in who God made them to be, this book is dedicated to you.

My Thoughts:

Truly, as a child of God, I derive any beauty I have from Christ alone. In me, Christ's reflection is all I ever need that is beautiful. I never knew that pornography had become an enslaving, addictive force in so many people's lives until recently. Do you know that there have been studies done that prove that porn is more addictive than methamphetamine? That's the truth!

The devastation in the lives of women whose husband's have rejected and destroyed their marital vows through lust and addiction to porn sends a powerful message - your beauty, your love, YOU are not enough. And, in fact, we as women, are not enough. We were never meant to be. God alone is enough. And while our husband's lives may be enslaved by porn, many women live lives just as enslaved to the world's definition of beauty. Millions are spent every moment on hair products, make-up, hair styles, clothes, gym memberships and other beauty products and services - all in a vain attempt to capture and keep the man who has captured our heart.

Folks, the world is selling a bunch of lies to men and women, and families are being destroyed left and right in the wake of pornography. Ashley takes a good, long, hard, honest look at the devastation in the shadow of this problem. Don't be fooled. You know someone suffering from this broken image. This problem is that prominent! Learn what God's Word says about your beauty and your value in Christ and live joyfully in the victory of your relationship with Christ. He alone will be enough for those in the shadow of addiction and those enslaved to pornography. This is a powerful book, and I cannot stress the timeliness of the truth it contains!

Ashley has other books available, so check out her site, More than Desire!

About the Author:

When I discovered my husband’s porn addiction I never thought I’d be here today, writing about the restoration of our marriage and the hearts of porn stars. God had a plan. A bigger plan that I may have missed had I not been willing to forgive and love. My husband and I have published a workbook for couples, based off the beatitudes of Jesus. You can see it here. And I’ve also published a novel about the heartache porn brings to those affected by it. The novel, Exposed (visit website here), was released in September 2010. We will be releasing two workbooks, one just for men and one just for women, sometime in 2011.

I truly love helping women find hope who are going through that same dark tunnel I went through. It seems like there is no possible end, no light. But I assure you there can be. I’m not here to educate people on addictions and porn and recovery. I don’t claim to be a psychologist or professional counselor. But I am here to offer hope to women who feel like they’ll never feel good enough to anyone. I’m here to be a friend. That’s all, but I know that a friend who understands means so much when you’re going through this. I also hope that this blog will serve as an aid in the healing of hearts like mine. My greatest desire is to see marriages, relationships, and love overcome the devastation porn causes.

Please feel free to email me. I am always open to talking to those who have no one around them to open up to. Bottling your emotions inside will never produce a healthy outcome. Never hesitate to contact me. It may seem strange, but I really do love you. I know what you’re going through and it’s not easy. I may not love you like a friend who knows you inside and out, but I love you in the sense of a stranger who feels your pain. -Ashley Weis takes a good, long, honest look at the lives shattered in the wake of pornography addiction.

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