Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They Almost Always Come Home by Cynthia Ruchti - MY REVIEW


“Since the beginning of time t here has never been a night that was not followed by a dawn.” (p. 156)

If you think about what dawn actually look likes, you know its not a bright, dazzling event, but merely the reappearance of light amid the darkness. The promise that daylight is indeed on its way. Hope.

Libby is devoid of hope when we meet her in this story. In fact, she is crushed beneath personal loss of many kinds. The immediate problem? Her husband Greg has not returned from a solo camping trip. After a couple of days Libby, her best friend Jen and her father-in-law Frank set out to follow Greg’s know path. What they discover on this journey is heart-wrenching, beautiful unforgettable and amazing.

They Almost Always Come Home is a story you experience on a very personal level. You almost became part of Libby’s heart as she experiences this terrifying search for her husband. The uncertainty, the fear, the gruesome possibilities that pop into her thought combine go form a very realistic story. No emotion is left unexplored. Libby must face some very personal, difficult places in her heart head-on whether she feels ready or not. You will be forever changed by what she discovers.

Libby’s character is full of spunk and displays a raw honesty with God that appealed to me. The element of grace is powerful within the story and is lived out in full in the character of Jen. The ending is also realistic as the author leaves no neat and tidy answers – but lives filled with the possibility of future pain yet to be endured. But the end is infused with a tangible element of hope and the glorious display of God’s abundant grace.

I STRONGLY recommend this book!! It is amazing!!


Mocha with Linda said...

That quote you excerpted was one of my favorite sentences in the book.

Anonymous said...

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