Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones

“I’ve counted snakes in the rice fields of Cambodia. Eaten things that crawled down my throat in Botswana. In the Amazon, I dodged mosquitoes as large as birds.

But I, Maggie Montgomery, world traveler, have never been anywhere quite as frightening as home.” (p. 11)

I will never forget Maggie Montgomery. She is my hero. I will never forget the way the Lord spoke to me as I read her story, and the tears we shared as she learned what it means to surrender everything to Christ. Just Between You and Me has to be the most incredible book I’ve read in quite some time, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jenny Jones has an incredible way of creating characters that seep into your heart and soul and teach you things you didn’t even realize you needed to learn. Maggie Montgomery’s story is not an easy or even pleasant one to read at times. Her family has been ravaged by circumstances far beyond what they can understand or even begin to control. Maggie’s father calls and begs her to return home when crisis hits yet again, and Maggie is forced to face her greatest fears as she re-enters the small town of Ivy and the past she left behind. Her heart and mind are not prepared for what she finds waiting for her. Her brand new faith in God seems a mere wisp of a thread binding her to a God she longs to understand. Maggie’s heart faces dire needs with only sheer terror to lean on. How on earth will any of the family survive?

Oh, dear reader, you must read this story! Jenny Jones takes an intimate look into the lives of many precious people in her latest novel, Just Between You and Me. Besides Maggie, you’ll meet Connor, Riley, Beth and a host of other folks who will touch your heart and challenge you to face the storms of life with new courage and the confidence that God will never leave your side no matter how rough the waters. You will read about some life-controlling issues that are very real and very scary, and you will long to reach out to others and help them carry their heavy load. There is even a romance woven into this story that will leave you excited, frustrated, and filled with a longing for breathless moments and heart-stopping kisses. Truly, this novel carries something for everyone and it’s all bound together with the truth of God’s love for us as we battle our way through this veil of tears called life.

Just Between You and Me bears the mark of the Women of Faith Fiction, and I think that is more than wonderful. For you see, this story will challenge your faith, cause you to take a close look at the fear that prevents you from walking in full surrender to Christ, and encourage you to trust those fears to One who knows you and loves you and wants you to live life with the peace that passes all understanding. Don’t miss this story! I know I will be re-reading this one! Jenny Jones’ Just Between You and Me is a treasure!


Jenny B. Jones is the author of A Katie Parker Production series. The other books in the series are In Between and On The Loose. Though now an adult, she still relates to the trauma and drama of teen life. She is thrilled to see her writing dreams come true, as her previous claim to fame was singing the Star Spangled Banner at a mule-jumping championship. (The mules were greatly inspired.)

Jenny resides in Arkansas, where, as a teacher, she hangs out with teens on a regular basis.


Scrambled Dregs said...

Great review, Kimlet. : ). I'm linking to you because I haven't cracked the cover yet. Can't wait to now, though. Maybe I'll slide it closer to the top of the pile. : )

Jenny B. Jones said...

Thank you so very much for the awesome review. I'm blown away by your words.

Rel said...

Loved this one, too, Kim :)

Great review