Friday, September 11, 2009

Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson - MY REVIEW

"Yes. Things happened. To me. A lot. Strange things. Things that didn’t happen to anyone else I knew. And I had the oddest feeling stranger things lay ahead. So staying under the covers might just be my best option." (p. 201)

What a delightful romp of a book! Janice Thompson’s Fools Rush In, is the first in the Weddings by Bella series, and it is simply delightful! Bella is a beautiful Italian young lady who has been placed in charge of her parents’ wedding planning business, and she is feeling a bit overwhelmed. As she begins to plan her first wedding – a “Boot-Scootin’ barbecue extravaganza” – she is introduced to D.J., a Texan with a southern drawl who is as foreign to her as the wedding plans she is trying to make!

This story gets off to a fast start, and the pace never slows down! When Bella’s Italian family is introduced to the Texas Neely clan, there is non-stop hilarity and CRAZY social clashes! Fools Rush In is a story about taking chances – doing things you’re not quite comfortable with or prepared for – but finding the strength in God’s love and grace to depend on Him for the wisdom and answers you need to pull things together. Wedding planning? Oh, yes! This is a story filled with menus that will make you drool, pizza’s that you can smell wafting from the pages, and a parrot named Guido that you will never forget! I know those poor folks will never forget their wedding rehearsal!!

Janice Thompson has combined story elements that are ingenious, light-hearted and soul-searching all at once! This is a fun read! I laughed, I sighed, I even teared up a couple of times – and all along the way the strong, simple faith of the characters kept urging me onward and upward! I really enjoyed this one folks, and by books’ end I was in full agreement with Bella’s family - “ ‘Finché c’è vita c’è speranza’.” – you’ll have to read the book to find out why! Enjoy Fools Rush In! Visit the Revell Publishing website to read an excerpt, learn about the author and purchase a copy of this great book!


SmilingSally said...

I enjoyed this chick lit too.

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you for this sweet review! I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed that you liked Bella and her family. :) Just wait till you read book two!