Monday, October 16, 2017

Everywhere You Go There's a Zacchaeus Up a Tree by Roger Campbell edited by Timothy Campbell

About the Book:
Every week for nearly forty years, Roger Campbell took up his pen to craft a newspaper column that would make a difference in the lives of his readers. His tales of fishing, family, friends, and fun helped them to trade their fears for faith, their sorrows for songs, and their doubts for certainties.

Everywhere You Go There's a Zacchaeus Up a Tree is an anthology edited by his son, drawn from these weekly columns. Based on Roger's experiences in the world at large, the pastorate, his community, and his family, these brief but wise essays are enriching, instructive, and gently challenging. Roger's habit of humbly talking with people from all walks of life wherever he went provided ample opportunity to impact generations of folks. His warm words still bear witness to the truth that God meets us where we are and uses us when we are willing.

Always starting with a Scripture reference, these short entries can be read as a daily or weekly devotion.

For those longing for a simpler time and the flavor of small-town life, Everywhere You Go There's a Zacchaeus Up a Tree shares a deep, abiding, homespun faith that knows, as Campbell wrote, that "God loves you no matter which way the wind blows."

My Thoughts:

"Whether at the post office or at the back, a restaurant or the super market checkout lane, everywhere you go, there's a woman at the well and a Zacchaeus up a tree!"  (p. 10)

I imagine that Timothy Campbell cherishes this book, because these articles were written by his earthly dad and changed the lives of many people over several decades.  I will always be grateful he chose to share these treasures with the public, or, sad to say, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the benefit of Roger Campbell's godly wisdom.

This is a book that contains a treasure trove of personal and spiritual insights gleaned over decades of spending time immersed in God's Word and in serving others.  The one thing that is consistent and very evident is Campbell's love for God and his people.  There is an humbleness about the words he chooses to share that open the reader's heart to receive the truth of God's Word as it is given in the context of everyday living.

The Campbell household was blessed to have a husband and father who lavished words of encouragement and godly wisdom upon them.  And I'm quite sure as they shared the relationship with the world as his weekly articles were publishes, that their own heart were transformed by the power of God's Word as it was shared through Campbell's pen.

This is a unique and powerful little book - to be ingested slowly and thoughtfully.  I highly recommend this to everyone!!

About the Author:

Roger Campbell (1930-2015) was in the ministry for over fifty years. He spent many years as a pastor, and in the late 1970's he launched Roger Campbell Ministries, an evangelical ministry through which he produced radio broadcasts, wrote weekly newspaper columns, and spoke at church Bible conferences. He is the author of nearly 30 books, including the acclaimed Preach for a Year series.

Timothy Campbell, Roger Campbell's son, is owner of and counselor at Life Resource Christian Counseling Center in Lapeer, Michigan, and an ordained chaplain.

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