Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Soldier Who Killed a King by David Kitz - REVIEWED

About the Book:
A stunning story of Holy Week through the eyes of a Roman centurion

Watch the triumphal entry of the donkey-riding king through the eyes of Marcus Longinus, the centurion charged with keeping the streets from erupting into open rebellion.

Look behind the scenes at the political plotting of King Herod, known as the scheming Fox for his ruthless shrewdness.

Get a front-row seat to the confrontation between the Jewish high priest Caiaphas and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate.

Understand as never before the horror of the decision to save a brutal terrorist in order to condemn the peaceful Jew to death.

If you've heard the story of Passion Week so often it's become stale, now is the time to rediscover the terrible events leading from Jesus's humble ride into the city to his crucifixion. The Soldier Who Killed a King will stun you afresh with how completely Christ's resurrection changed history, one life at a time.

My Thoughts:
I hated being forced into this role, the role of the killer, the executioner.” (p. 221)

The Soldier Who Killed a King tells the story of the crucifixion from the point of the man charged with nailing Christ to the cross.  After you read this novel, you will think about Jesus’ death from an entirely different angle.  You will realize anew what a transforming power lies within the faith to believe that Jesus is, in fact, the Son of God.  The same power that saved the soldier charged with his crucifixion, is the same power that saves believers today.  Halleluiah!!

The detailed telling of this story places the reader in Jerusalem to experience Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city, his trial, execution, burial and glorious resurrection!  The soldier’s point of view gives new perspective to the minute-by-minute details that passed between Jesus’ entry into the city and His re-entry into his earthly body.  You will feel the weight of the spikes that were used to nail him to the cross, you will feel the earth quake as He surrenders to death and experience his body being taken down from the cross and laid in the shroud.  The wails of anguish that fill the air as the earth quakes and the smell of blood spilled onto the ground….your heart will ache with the knowing that this is, in fact, what Jesus’ went through…willingly…for you and me.

Through all of these experiences, you will witness the heart transformation of Marcus Longinus as he fulfills his role as the centurion charged with overseeing the crucifixion of Jesus.  To realize that the man whose death you were responsible for was, indeed, the Son of God….wait a minute!  That is my place too!  If you are a believer by faith in Jesus Christ, it is the role you fulfilled as well!

I appreciate the fact that the author was careful to maintain the integrity of Scripture as he quoted Christ’s words in the context of his story. It made the entire experience more powerful and transformative!  I encourage everyone to read this novel as soon as you are able!!  It is most excellent!

About the Author:
David Kitz is a Bible dramatist and outreach minister with the Foursquare Church. His previous work includes Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth and Little Froggy Explores the BIG World, which won the Word Guild Children’s Picture Book award.

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