Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Every Deadly Kiss by Seven James - REVIEWED

About the Book:
In the latest installment of the Bowers Files, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers grapples with a baffling series of murders in Detroit—and discovers a terror plot whose roots stretch back centuries.

Called in by an ex-girlfriend to consult on a case, Patrick encounters the work of a killer who displays a stunning degree of ruthlessness. Bowers is shocked to find that the slayings are linked not just to his own history with a known terrorist, but to his former lover as well—and that her secret past might hold the key to stopping the crime spree. As layers of intrigue peel away, the city is pushed ever closer to a seemingly-unstoppable bioweapon attack.

Unnerving and laced with breathtaking suspense, Every Deadly Kiss is a surprising and complex thriller that will have readers obsessed to the final page.

My Thoughts:
You looked pretty good in there to me.” (p. 539)

Sounds like a very common statement, right?  Well, like every word in Steven James’ latest novel, Every Deadly Kiss, contains layers upon layers of meaning!  I’ve read every word James has every written, and I think I can safely say this novel is one of the most complex stories I’ve ever read from his pen!  There is a rogue serial killer that passes through shadows, and you are never quite sure who it is.  There is a homegrown terror threat that is insidious and makes you absolutely tremor with fright because it is so incredibly plausible!

So, dive in if you dare!  Honestly I adore Patrick Bowers now more than ever!  I have to say, I am VERY thankful this series is being read as a glance back into his history, otherwise I might just have a heart attack!  This is a novel with so many twists and turns that I was almost tempted to take notes at one point.  Seriously, this is a very complex plot line, but it is so well-written, and the characters are so believable that the pages evaporate so fast you are almost breathless by the end!  There were a couple of times I wanted to smack Patrick because of how careless he was in his decision making in regards to his partner, but I have trust issues, so I didn’t let that take away from my delight in his overall greatness.

I refuse to give away any spoilers.  Just trust me when I say you need to read this book NOW!!  What are you waiting for?

PS...I must be consistent....there are a few language moments - as in vulgarities - that appear in this book that have previously be absent.  I am trusting James will not continue this trend.  

About the Author:
Steven James is a national bestselling novelist whose award-winning, pulse-pounding thrillers continue to gain wide critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

After consulting with a former undercover FBI agent and doing extensive research on cybercrimes, Steven wrote his latest thriller, EVERY CROOKED PATH--a taut, twist-filled page turner that is available now wherever books are sold. 

If you've never met environmental criminologist and geospatial investigator Patrick Bowers, EVERY CROOKED PATH is the perfect chance to dive into the series and find out what fans and critics everywhere are raving about.

Suspense Magazine, who named Steven's book THE BISHOP their Book of the Year, says that he "sets the new standard in suspense writing." Publishers Weekly calls him a "master storyteller at the peak of his game." And RT Book Reviews promises, "the nail-biting suspense will rivet you."

Respected by some of the top thriller writers in the world, Steven deftly weaves intense stories of psychological suspense with deep philosophical insights. As critically-acclaimed novelist Ann Tatlock put it, "Steven James gives us a captivating look at the fine line between good and evil in the human heart."

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