Monday, November 7, 2016

America at the Crossroads by George Barna - REVIEWED

About the book:
American culture is changing faster than ever. George Barna tells you how, why, and what you can do to shape your future.
We live in a tumultuous time. Upheavals and reversals in culture, popular opinion, morality, race relations, socioeconomic status, and so much more have entire generations feeling off balance or out of touch. How do we keep pace with the breathtaking rate of change in our society when we can hardly find time to keep up with our racing newsfeeds? And in the face of such enormous cultural forces, is there anything we can do?

With America at the Crossroads, bestselling author and cultural analyst George Barna turns his researcher's eye to the most significant trends, compiling and distilling salient information for busy readers who want to shape culture rather than allow it to shape them. 

If you've felt overwhelmed by our swiftly changing times, Barna's extensive research and "bottom-line" approach will help give you the solid ground you're looking for--and show you where we're heading next.

My Thoughts:

What can you do? – hinges on your willingness to become the person God created you to be in order to have the influence He has granted you for such a time as this.”  (p. 182)

This book was the most difficult to read, because Barna presents a statistical look into America’s very real, very frightening crossroad.  Unless God’s people stop believing the lie of the enemy and start believing that God has given us both purpose and the power to accomplish that purpose, we will never step fully into our sphere of influence and transform America.

We sit on the eve of a presidential election, and I’ve cried out to God to have mercy on our country.  And I believe He will.  Even if a traitor sits in the Whitehouse.  After reading this book, it is no mystery that such a thing can happen in the greatest nation on earth.  Choices have consequences, and our country has consistently made wrong choices.  God gave us the ability to choose, and he has given us ample opportunities to choose to follow Him.  Instead, we are buried beneath indifference, or sidetracked by our own personal circumstances, and we’ve believed the lie that God isn’t interested in what happens to us.

HE IS VERY INTERESTED!!! He created us, and gifted us with influence and purpose to influence those in our live for HIM!!  This is a very, very important book, and I apologize for not posting my review sooner. The timing of this post is a God-appointment for me.  Reading this book will change the landscape of your heart!!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

About the Author:

George Barna is the award-winning author of more than fifty books, including bestsellers such as RevolutionThe Power of VisionThe Frog in the Kettle, and Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions. He is also founder of Barna Group, a leading research firm that specializes in faith-related surveys. He currently leads the American Culture & Faith Institute, which studies and influences faith and politics, as well as Metaformation, an organization designed to help people maximize their potential. George has led several churches and lives with his family on the central California coast.

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